Sunday, March 1, 2009

Whoops! Now you can post comments!

Hey folks, sorry about that...I forgot to set up the blog so that anyone could post comments. Please comment away if you saw us at the show and want to give us some feedback.

Saturday at the show was very hectic but still a lot of fun. Genevieve sat for eight hours straight doing sketches for everyone who bought the book. Myself, I stood for eight hours straight on account of Kayli occupying my seat for the entire show. Why, you...

We ran out of magnets today...they're proving to be much more popular than the stickers despite being $3 more. I guess everyone has a great idea in their head for where they're going to place a magnet of a naked girl on a giant piece of meat...but very few people can think of a good spot for a set of identical stickers. Well, allow me to make some suggestions on where you can plant those beauties: A sketchbook. Your car bumper. Under the plastic cover of your WACOM tablet. STOP signs. Buses. Parking meters. Your favorite gaming console. Um...your...luggage. Oh! Your guitar case. Well, as you can see...many, many places are quite appropriate.

We also ran out of Red Vines. According to Genevieve, two kids ran by and grabbed two handfuls each, then after disappearing for a few moments, came back and grabbed two more handfuls each. Well, I suppose we're in a recession...

Oh, one last thing. I apologize again for not actually having our first web comic strip up. Our current date for the first actual strip is Monday, March 9th. Sorry, it should have really been sooner but on the day before WonderCon, we were putting together the big Kayli standee as well as cutting all the stickers and magnets by hand. Anyway, after March 9th, we want to be able to deliver one comic update each week, most likely on Mondays...but we'll also be updating the site with other fun and interesting tidbits about Islands in the Sky. What sorts of tidbits? Well, you'll just have to wait and see!

Hope to see you at WonderCon on Sunday!


  1. Hey guys,

    stopped by your booth on Saturday and wanted to let you know that it was the first thing I opened up when I got home and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to your web update.


  2. Loved the comic, it was the first one of the con I bought, and is still my favorite. I sure am glad I went back to this booth. Keep up the good work guys!