Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mighty Nomad Gallery Preview

Hello IITS Readers!

As a Thanksgiving surprise, I've shared images from Genevieve's Islands in the Sky themed gallery piece which she generously allowed me to preview here on the site. Back in July, when she was invited to show at the Mighty Nomad Gallery, I was proud and rather pleased that without my urging, she chose to use IITS characters as the subject for her piece. Going with the gallery's seasonal theme of "Snowball Fight", Genevieve and I brainstormed on some ideas together and the end result is a fun look at what the holidays are like when Kayli and Gordo are around.

If you're in the Los Angeles area and would like to see the the piece in person, as well as the works of many other talented artists, here is a link to the gallery details. The piece itself is a 25x30 framed Giclee print on Hahnmuhle Museum Etching paper and while the following tiny images don't really do the actual piece justice, we still wanted to share them with our IITS Readers. Enjoy!

(Click the images to see the larger version!)

Kayli is ambushed on her way to deliver some treats to her forest friends. Her enemies? Gordo, Manty, and...inexplicably, a trained baby arctic seal.

You can almost see a cross-section of Kayli's head,
revealing cob web covered gears...slooowly turning.

(thick Brooklyn accent)
"Yer killin' me here, lady!"

Hardworking patriots doing their part or opportunistic squirrels profiting from the bravery of the field mice? You decide.

The resistance is, in fact, futile.

Babs & Buster: The Final Chapter

Genevieve and I would like to wish all our readers a Happy Thanksgiving...whether or not all of them actually take part in the yearly gorging on turkey flesh. Have a great weekend, everyone!

P.S. If you're interested, yes...the framed print is available for purchase. Please contact myself or Genevieve for further details after December 5th. At some point in the future, Genevieve may opt to make smaller size, high quality prints available in a limited print run. We'll post more information here as it becomes available.

- Joseph

Friday, November 20, 2009

We'd Still Love to Do This Someday

Way back before we even started work in earnest on the first issue, Genevieve and I wanted to create character designs for each of the three layers, basically...main characters in the Islands in the Sky storyline that we'd introduce as the comic developed. The idea was to give a male and female pair from each layer their own promotional poster. Each pair would exemplify the design aesthetics of their layer and be positioned on or around an airship or glider...also from their layer.

Each poster would be strong enough to stand on its own, however, by making each poster wide and short, you could "stack" the posters...putting Overworld on top, Central in the middle, and Coreworld on the bottom. Naturally, Kayli and Gordo would represent Central but we never got around to fleshing out the designs for the other two layers and it may be some time before the story even reaches the other layers or has a chance to introduce those characters.

Still, it's one of the promotional items that Genevieve and I still want to do so if ever the stars align so that we can commit more time to this project, well...we can hope. =)

- Joseph

Friday, November 13, 2009

Still working...

Hello IITS Readers,

Genevieve is wrapping up work on her gallery submission for The Mighty Nomad and I've been busy with my hobby of working on a game design doc for an IITS video game. The current plan is for Genevieve to take a break on IITS work till the end of the year but during that time, we'll be doing pre-production planning for our comic work, then go into full production in the new year, and ideally...hit all our goals for WonderCon 2010.

Hopefully, Genevieve can unveil her IITS themed gallery piece next week on our site. Keep an eye out for it! =)

- Joseph

Friday, November 6, 2009

Still plodding along...

I almost forgot to post an update this week...but that's actually good news, in a way. Genevieve and I have been both really busy working on things related to the IITS property. I've been talking to different people about how to grow the franchise and one of the things we really want to get done is to have a real website...but not enough things have fallen into place just yet. We'll have to plan what sort of content the launch of the site will have and make sure it doesn't conflict too much with work on the comic. Anyway, hopefully I'll have more to share sometime next week...

- Joseph