Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanks for Coming to See Us at Fanime!

Hey IITS Readers,

Thanks so much to all of you for coming out to see us, you guys always make the conventions better by cheering us on, showing us your support, and making us feeling guilty for not having issue two out. Nick, Chris B, Hamasuki, Ben, Tim and Callie, James, Patrick, Dave, Emil, Dread Lord CyberSkull, AJ, and Sparky...thank you! I'm sure there are a bunch of people I missed and I'm really sorry about that...I'm still recovering a from a pretty exhausting weekend. It was a great show for us...we were able to spread the word to lots of new folks and even Reuben Langdon dropped by our table to pick up a few things!

Special thanks to Jamie (I think I spelled it right this time) and her husband Mike for the Kayli sketch, the Prinny sticker, sharing snacks with us, and just being some of the most awesome table neighbors ever! Hope to see you at another show soon, Jamie. =)

This year, we snapped only a few pictures early on but Genevieve's camera was on the fritz on Friday and my phone battery kept dying so we just decided to skip the pictures this show. I know, WEAK...but that's the way it is. A few folks did snap pictures of us on the other hand and Ben sent us the one he snapped so this year, you just get a picture of Genevieve and I. How's that?

Sorry to all the folks who came by to pick up our Kayli Boob Mouse Pad...due to a major delay with the shipment, it missed the delivery date by several days and according to the shippers site, I should receive a big box of boobs either Tuesday or Wednesday. says here there was a "Customs Clearance Delay". Yeah, sure...more like "Customs Guys Can't Stop Playing With Kayli's Boobs". Anyway, the Kayli Boob Mouse Pads were a definitely a hit with the crowd. Now, instead of people dragging their friends over to see Kayli naked on the big piece of meat, they drag their friends over to see the Kayli Boob Mouse Pad and Kayli naked on the big piece of meat. It definitely brought a lot of folks over to our table. =)

Thanks to all our old friends from previous show and all our new customers...we hope you'll all continue to come see and support us. See you next show!

UPDATE: Some friends at the show sent us some more pics of us at the table...shared them below.

- Joseph

Hamasuki sent us this pic of Genevieve taking a break.

Here's Hamasuki's pic of Genevieve and I together.

And I thought I was being sorta pervy with the lip puckering.
I had no idea she was doing that opposite me, folks...haha.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, I forgot to mention...

...the Kayli Boob Mouse Pads come in two flavors, "Salty Behemoth Intestines" and "Honey Sweet Kayli". You've already seen the the "Salty" flavor in my previous's the "Sweet" flavor:

You might be wondering, "Has Kayli no shame?!"
The answer of course is, " she doesn't."

You can tell when the manufacturer understands the needs
of their clients when they provide images like this one.

We had a few inquiries as to the pricing for the Kayli Boob Mouse Pads and after quite a bit thought, I believe that $40 is more than reasonable for such an awesome and functional bit of Genevieve's amazing art. However, for the Fanime 2010 show, we're offering it for the 'highway robbery' price of $35 each for all attendees. For readers of the blog, we're going to give one more discount...if you'd like to buy one of each, just tell us, "Hello, I'd like the Salty/Sweet Combo Meal, please," and you can get both flavors for the 'you're taking food from the mouths of my children' deal of $65!

P.S. We've received our table placement for Fanime...we'll be at T300/T301. See you all at the show!

- Joseph

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Important Fanime Annoucements

Hey IITS Readers,

Gotta make some quick and important announcements regarding Fanime. First of all, our good friend Sherwin (who contributed guest art to our updated first book) will be offering a number of his awesome prints for sale at our table at Fanime. Among his prints for sale will be a very cool color version of his "Roller Kayli" that he did for us in our book!

I love seeing Kayli drawn outside of the context
of the IITS world and this is one of my favorites!

The second announcement is that, due to unforeseen events, both Genevieve and I will not be around to man the table on Saturday, May 29th of the show. We're really sorry about that. If you want to come and see us and pick up some stuff at our table, please come see us on Friday, Sunday, or Monday. As of right now, we have not been able to find anyone to keep our table open in our absence...if that changes, we'll let you know.

- Joseph

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Little Fanime Surprise!

Hey IITS Readers,

We promised a little surprise for Fanime 2010 and since you're probably looking at it right now and ignoring these words it is! Yes, folks...we got ourselves some Kayli Boob Mouse Pads. Do you often engage in long nights of gaming, tweeting, or trolling other people's Facebook pages? Why not rest your weary wrists on Kayli's soft, ready, and willing boobs?

Kayli appears to be well aware of the stir she is causing
while that rascal Manty looks on and Gordo is dumbstruck.

In case you were wondering just how much wrist support
Kayli's boobs offer, this angle should provide your answer.

It's always and been our goal to offer only the finest, coolest, and sexiest Islands in the Sky merchandise to our fans and I have to say, this is by far our finest, coolest, and sexiest item we've ever offered. A lot of work went into this, both in terms of the concept and execution of the awesome artwork Genevieve has created as well as the research and interaction with the manufacturer. We're super happy with the way it's turned out and we hope you'll pick one or three up for your friends and family to show your support for us. Fanime attendees will get first dibs on these but, of course, we will offer them on our IITS Store a short time after the show.

Just so you know...we still plan on continuing the IITS property in a multitude of ways but because of our own personal schedules and other projects, we can only devote a small fraction of our time to IITS. We hope that the Kayli Boob Mouse Pads proves our continued dedication to IITS and to all of our fans. Keep watching our page for more IITS news in the future. Thanks so much for reading and supporting us, guys and gals. =)

- Joseph

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fanime Surprise Coming Soon to a Fanime Near You

Hello IITS Readers,

Genevieve and I have a real neat surprise treat for you all for Fanime 2010! After a lot of tears (sorry, there was no blood or sweat), I think it's safe to announce that we've managed to meet all the important deadlines for getting this thing done. That's pretty vague, I know...but hey, it's a surprise, right? Keep watching this space for more info in the days to come. =)

- Joseph