Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hi-Rez Kayli...Posed!

Howdy Folks,

Happy New Year...though I'm a bit late I suppose, sorry. Hope everyone had a great Christmas / Holiday and New Years. Just dropping by to share something cool with y'all. The Kayli model has been finalized for awhile now but the artist, Mark Kobrin, recently finished posing the hi-res version of the model and shared the image with me...and so I'm sharing it with you. Mark really did Kayli justice with his model and pose...I hope y'all like it. If you want to see more of Mark's stuff, check it out at his

Oh and in case you don't remember or have never seen it, it's based on this original concept by Genevieve...Kayli's redesign for the Project IITS game.

Update: If you're interested in seeing the model in slightly greater detail, here's a link.

- Joseph