Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hey IITS Readers,

If you're in the Bay Area, don't forget to attend the WonderCon 2010 show at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, April 2nd-4th. It seems like it's going to be a great show this year. The show is chock full of neat creators like Sergio Aragones, Adam Hughes, Frank Cho, Greg Rucka and Kevin Smith! Check here for a full list of all the special guests. There's a lot of cool panels to go to across all three days...they also added late night gaming for the card gaming crowd, and don't forget the Sixth Annual WonderCon Masquerade!

Did I forget anything? Hmmm...seems like I should have mentioned something else...hmmm...it's on the tip of my tongue...OH RIGHT, Islands in the Sky will be there too! Please come see Genevieve and I in Small Press...we're probably listed under Keno's Lair or some nonsense. Please drop by our booth and say "Hi", we'd love to see ya! Genevieve will be available for commissions as well so if you love her art, secure a spot early...because the show is only so long and she only does as many as she can manage for the weekend and no more.

Looking forward to seeing all our friends from past shows and if you can't make it, please wish us luck in this second year of promoting Islands in the Sky!

- Joseph

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

...followed by a long period of silence.

Hey IITS Readers,

Sorry for the lack of news or updates...there was just nothing new to report. However, we're going to be at WonderCon between April 2nd - 4th and the Moscone Center in San Francisco and we'll have some new stuff for Islands in the Sky but as I said before, no new book. Sorry. =(

Genevieve and I discussed the project at length and I think the problem we have is trying to constantly do something new for each show we attend but never having enough time to do it. WonderCon in March/April, Fanime in May, Comic-Con in July, APE in October...it's just too much. This year, we didn't make the cut for Comic-Con so while we're still attending the other shows, we're going to try to use most of our IITS work time to work on better developing our comic...which is the most important thing overall. This means that we might not have anything new for the book for a year or more but the pressure of trying to develop something new for each show and our own personal lives is too much.

Islands in the Sky is an ongoing project for us and we're still dedicated to working on it but the realities of day jobs and personal life just make it very hard. We hope that our fans will still come to see us at the shows we do attend and whenever we have something new, we'll definitely share it with you all here. Thanks to everyone for being so patient while waiting for a new comic from us.

- Joseph