Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comic-Con 2009 Pictures Continued

Here's a couple of more pictures from that we took from the show. Again, sorry if we didn't shoot ya...we only had Genevieve's camera at the booth for two of the five days. I'm gonna have to get my own camera at some point if we're going to get 100% of the people.

Today's pictures are a mix of random con photos, cosplayers, our table, and commissions that Genevieve did for people. Hope you enjoy them!

- Joseph

I think this was taken on Preview Night...the lightest crowd of the entire show.

Genevieve at our table with the Manty hat. Chuck, sharing our table, is caught unaware.

Here's me and Vince at the table...and this picture is a great example of why I don't appear in many pictures.

Four different life-size Iron Man suits...this was pretty awesome.

Hot Ghostbuster Gals!

Genevieve with Zachary, a new fan of our work.

Andrew and Genevieve with the supa-deluxe commission Genevieve did. This picture off my BlackBerry camera doesn't do it justice. When Vince sends me the photo off his camera or Andrew sends us a scan of the commission, I'll be sure to put it up here.

Genevieve at the Comic Relief booth doing a signing. A big thank you to all the Comic Relief guys for having us and for taking such good care of us while we were there!

A snap I took of Harrison and Frenton's guest art.

Here's Sherwin and Vince's guest art.

Finally, we have Brandon's on the last page of the book.

Here's a stray customer shot that I forgot to post yesterday.

It's Kaylee and Mal from Firefly! No, I didn't get the name from Joss Whedon. READ THE BACK OF THE BOOK.

Some peeps love our book so much they want a picture taken with Genevieve. HEY, how come they never want a picture with ME?

Yowza! Black Cat, everyone.

A new fan who gave us this neat print.

Dude from Equilibrium. He seemed really happy that I got it on the first guess. [Gen's Edit: "Dude"?! You mean Preston! (I've only seen that movie a hundred times. XD)]

There is a better picture of this someplace but this guy did an awesome freehand copy of Kayli from the cover. The pencils are a bit hard to see, sorry.

Genevieve wants us all to believe this was a non-posed, candid photo. Let's all just smile, nod, and play along. =) [Gen's Edit: Hey, it WAS candid! I just happened to look up right when you took that!]

Another shot of our table.

Batman Beyond. He had a ripcord that he could make his wings pop out with. Very cool.

This is a repeat from yesterday but I know their names so I posted it again. From left to right: Layron, Jon, Me, Kayli, and Julian.

Here's the sketch Genevieve did for Layron. Though all three guys got a great sketch, Genevieve was warmed up by the time she got to this third sketch and she liked it the most.

We've seen him at previous shows as Doctor Who so I'm just gonna say this is Doctor Who and Silk Spectre II with the commission Genevieve did for the Doctor.

Kayli contemplates alternative uses for the sonic screwdriver while a pervy Dalek and Cybermen look on. This one turned out really great and the Doctor and Silk Spectre II really loved it.

What's a stack of Comic-Con photos without the obligatory Steampunk folks? This pic doesn't do their fabulous outfits justice.

In fact, what's a Comic-Con without the obligatory Princess Leia in Slave Outfit Hottie?

Here's Sparky with two prints he picked up from us, signed by Genevieve. Sparky was this years single biggest customer. I think he bought everything we had twice. Thanks, man!

I was actually kinda scared of this guy when I took the photo. Awesome job on the costume...if it is a costume...

The Monarch and Genevieve pose civilly for the camera...

Wait! No! He goes for the throat!

I call this one "Cooking Mama V".

Guy with a custom steampunk gun made from plumbing bits and Nerf gun parts.

A sketch Genevieve did for a guy who was collecting sketches from everyone in Small Press and Artist Alley.

Jody tries to warn Mike that there is a flying manta on his head. Mike thinks Jody wants him to "Wonder Twins Activate!" again.

A commission for a sketchbook themed "Damsels in Distress".

Genevieve with Rodolfe Guenoden!

I have no idea what is going on here. [Gen's Edit: HAHAHA!! I asked Zappa if I could pose behind him like S-Ko (one of the ghosts that possesses him) in the character select screen. It turns out I'm just obviously molesting Zappa's moobs. I'm sorry, Zappa. T___T]

I have no idea what is going on here either.

Here's Stephen with Genevieve with the commission she did for him.

And here's smaller size version of a scan that Stephen sent us of his commission almost immediately after the show so that everyone can enjoy it. Thanks, Stephen!

That's all folks!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comic-Con 2009 Pictures and Thoughts

So much to say and talk about but I also have a huge stack of pictures to sort and post so I'll let them do most of the talking. I do want to take a moment to thank all our awesome neighbors at the show: Ted Washington, who sat to our left...a poet by day and bouncer by night. Alexis Fajardo, who sat to our right...the artist and writer for Kid Beowulf. Mary Bellamy, who sat directly across from can check out her art and comics on her website. Finally, Vince Riley, our friend who we shared our booth with...annnd I can't seem to find his Deviant Art page anywhere. You guys were all so friendly and supportive of us and just great fun to talk to when there was a lull in the hall. Thank you!

Our strongest support at the table came from friends of shows past. Cliff, Sparky, Stephen, and Mike "Hamasuki", and all the others I forgot because I'm a retard....thanks so much for picking up all our new stuff. New supporters often came back after reading our book to tell us how much they liked it and some of them even read all my additional content in the back! UNPRECDENTED! Another special shout out to Jon, Layron, and Julian...three guys who came by our booth, loved our work, each got our book, and just had Genevieve and I in stitches the whole time with their hilarious banter. Thanks, guys! Finally, thanks to all of you who commissioned pieces from Genevieve. You guys are the kind of folks Genevieve loves doing commissions're not picky and you trust her to do her art. When she is relaxed and enjoying the commission work, they all turn out awesome and everyone is happy. =)

Long before the show, Genevieve and I both agreed that it was important to prepare for Comic-Con 2009 by having the "con exhibitor experience". So between WonderCon, Super-Con, and Fanime this year...we felt that we were really ready for the big time. We were totally wrong. The show was five days long, the exhibit hall hours are longer, all the distances you have to lug stuff around is longer, and the crowds are relentless. Okay, so we survived...NOW we're really ready for the next Comic-Con and we can't wait for the next one in 2010 and every other show in between to see you guys. Thanks to everyone who picked up our book to take a look and an even bigger thanks to those who decided to buy it. See you next show!

UPDATE: I was foolish to assume that I could easily post ALL our CC09 pics in one big thread without making it a ridiculously long mega-post so I've decided to split them into two big groups...starting with our customer photos. Sorry to everyone who didn't get their picture taken...we only had the camera at the table for two of the five days.

Tomorrow, I will post the miscellaneous con photos, table photos, and commission photos. Stay tuned!

- Joseph

Thanks for picking up our book!