Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On our way!

We've been really busy prepping for the Comic-Con and I'm about 20 minutes away from starting the drive down with a friend so I'm just making a quick post to let everyone know that...well, we might not post for awhile. I haven't quite made the decision as to whether or not to bring the laptop but if I do, I'll post from the show itself. If not, we'll have a big update from the show when we get back.

Wish us luck and if you're going to be there yourself, see you all there.

- Joseph


  1. Cool. Have fun out there guys! I really wanna go to comic-con, however I have no ride or money..
    Damn, I miss out on Miyazaki & the [AS] panels. Anyhows, hope things go well :)

  2. Hi Joseph & Genevieve,
    This is Jon, we met Friday at the Con with my friends Julian and Layron.
    (I was the one to first ask for a sketch in my copy of Islands in the sky.)
    I just finished the ENTIRE book and i must say i have NEVER wanted to read MORE of a story than with "Islands in the sky". I cant stress enough how powerful the little "snippet" of story was. With the introduction of the Behemoth, i couldn't turn the page fast enough to see what was going to happen to them. Today you have earned a "True Fan" in me. I CANT WAIT to see the next part. Please, please, please, don't keep us waiting.
    Remarkable work, BEST OF SHOW, COMIC CON 2009.

    -Jon "true fan" Davis

  3. Hey Jon...your words of praise really knocked our socks off. Thank you and thanks to Julian and Layron guys had me and Genevieve busting up with your banter when you guys were at our booth. We had a lot of fun at the show and you guys definitely made the experience even better!