Friday, April 30, 2010

Fanime 2010 in One Month!

Hey IITS Readers,

It's been a little quiet around here so I just wanted to drop a quick note to remind y'all that we'll be at Fanime 2010 from May 28th to May 31st. Genevieve is working hard on a little project that I have tasked her with and if all goes well, we'll have a neat little surprise for Kayli and IITS fans at the show. When I've got confirmation, maybe I'll leave a few hints on our site for ya. =)

- Joseph

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

IITS Drawings by Others!

Heya IITS Readers,

I finally woke up from the looong after-Con nap I took on Sunday. Man, what a show. Great fun but so really don't feel it till you get back though. While you're there, it's just a constant state of excitement.

Anyway, we got some neat drawings to share with you! A few of our friends/neighbors/customers drew some Islands in the Sky related pics for you and I'm posting them here for the rest of you to enjoy. Credits for each will be in the captions below the pics.

P.S. Has Kayli been your muse? Have you drawn Yaoi featuring Gordo? Send us your IITS related creations! We'd love to share them with the rest of the readers! =)

UPDATE: Added a picture of Kayli from Bill and Aaryn who are working on a romance comic! Thanks guys...we love Kayli's back almost as much as her front! =)

Bill Henkel provided this great color image of Kayli's ample bottom!

This first one is by Christian Bahena. I snapped this directly out
of his sketchbook at WC so I apologize for the low image quality.

This is also by Chris and was one of his favorite poses in the book.
It's one of mine too. You can almost hear her say, "Hot, huh?"

This third and last one is my favorite from Chris as he takes
Kayli and puts her on paper in his own style. Thanks, dude!

Here's one of Kayli from Becky of Tiny Kitten Teeth
Thanks, Becky!

Emily, creator of Otherkinds, sent us this awesome one
of Kayli and her own character, Zlata, fighting over meat!

Finally, a shot of Kayli from Genevieve herself...created for
a headphones themed sketchbook being passed around. =P

Thanks for all the awesome art, guys and gals! Keep 'em coming!

- Joseph

Sunday, April 4, 2010

WonderCon 2010, Day 3

The shorter, quieter last day of WC 2010 gave Genevieve a chance to do some shopping in the morning and smaller crowds also allowed her to focus more on the many commissions she took on. To the last few guys that she wasn't able to finish the commissions for...sorry about that! Genevieve has your contact info and will be in touch with you about either having it ready for Fanime 2010 or mailing it to you.

We had a great time at this year's show and the interest in Islands in the Sky continues to be strong among new and old fans alike. Thank you to all our faithful readers in being so patient with Issue 2. We're very sorry for disappointing you but we will do our best to deliver as soon as we're able.

Super thanks go to Matt and Ben, our left side neighbors for being so cool and laid back...Vince, Kelly, and Chuck , our right side neighbors for always offering go get us eats...Becky & Frank, our opposite side neighbor for her awesome Kayli drawing...Rachel and Mike, our opposite-right neighbors at Poseur Ink for always providing fun conversation...Cory, our opposite-left neighbor (Plotless Comics) for breaking the ice on Day 3 and hanging out and talking with us a bit. Great shows happen because of great neighbors and you all rock! Thank you!

Oh yeah, super thanks to Emily, creator of Otherkinds, for dropping off the latest copy of her book with a super cool pic of Zlata & Kayli fighting over some meat! So awesome! =) Almost forgot Manuel, creator of the awesome Fearless Zombie Hunters...thanks so much for your book, we love it! Gah, I know I missed some people...sorry, I'm about to fall unconscious after having only a McSausage McBiscuit McEgg to eat all day.

Stay tuned for the final group of customer photos! I took a few on my BlackBerry while Genevieve was away and I'll start with this awesome R2-D2 wearing the Manty Hat! =)

UPDATE: Added the rest of the pics for Sunday's show and some captions for a few of the shots.

"Beep doop derp derp beep boopity boop!"
"Someone get this ****ing blue wanna-be mynock offa me!"

Trevor and Genevieve with the commission she did for him.

Bill & Aaryn! We can't wait to show others your
Kayli drawings! Thanks so much! =)

The super nice Llyn (hope I spelled that right)! Thanks for
stopping by and chatting to us, see you at the next show! =)

Genevieve and Nick with the commission you see below.
Thanks for being so patient, Nick!

Yes, that is a Tricorder she's trying to hail the Enterprise with.../sigh =)

Cory from Plotless Comics! Awesome shirt!

Emily! Creator of Otherkinds! Love the goggles! =)

We leave you a shot of Genevieve in her sad, trash bag parka.
Thanks, everyone...see you next show!

- Joseph

Saturday, April 3, 2010

WonderCon 2010, Day 2

Craaaaziness on the exhibits floor today...just crazy busy. I forgot something early on in the day and headed out to my car and the line for the show just went on and on. We really weren't expecting it to be so busy. The vibe of the attendees was really good wasn't so crowded that people were uncomfortable when moving around. Once again, we were placed in the same aisle as the guest stars like Richard Hatch, Marina Sirtis, Denise Crosby, Adam Baldwin, Boomer (the original one), and a bunch more...that half of Small Press is super crowded but it's my feeling that the extra traffic it generates is always good for the rest of the people in the aisle. If I remember correctly, I think I specifically requested being in the guest star aisle. =)

Show goers hit our table like a tornado. It'd be a flurry of interest and activity for several minutes then all at once everyone would just disappear and we'd wonder if there was ever even a crowd there at was sorta surreal. Lots of interest from new folks in IITS...we figured WonderCon would be a very local show with mostly people who we've seen at Fanime, SuperCon, and APE but we're moving a lot of books to a whole new group of folks and it's been fun and rewarding to talk to everyone about our work.

P.S. We probably snapped 80-85% of our customers today so there'll be a huge group of pictures when I receive the .zip from Genevieve. Thanks to all who let us take your pictures and share it here. =)

UPDATE: Saturday's customer pics are up! Thanks, everyone!