Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mighty Nomad Gallery

Nothing much to report this week on Islands in the Sky, however...I did want to let fans of Genevieve's art know that she will display her work in a pretty neat gallery later this year. The gallery itself moves its exhibits around here and there and the theme changes every time. Genevieve was invited by the organizer of the gallery, a Craig Harris, to take part in an exhibit around the holidays.

Before I forget, here's a link the gallery's site. Fans of comic and sci-fi/fantasy art may recognize some pretty big names in the gallery...aaand fans of IITS may notice that Genevieve chose a picture of Kayli to represent her work. Now, while I can't reveal exactly what kind of piece she is working on, I can say that I never post anything here that isn't actually IITS related in some way... =)

I'll have more info when I can freely give it.

- Joseph

Monday, September 14, 2009

WonderCon 2010 Dates Announced

Hey everyone,

The Comic-Con people just announced the dates for WonderCon 2010 late last week and it turns out that it's going to be a whole month later this time...April 2nd to the 4th. It will, once again, be hosted at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. I've already applied for a Small Press table and though it's not 100% confirmed, we will more than likely be accepted.

Genevieve and I have a soft spot in our hearts for WonderCon, as it is the show we first launched Islands in the Sky at. Just so you know, it is our current plan to have more than just new prints at WonderCon 2010. It's too early to reveal what we have planned but we're going to do our best to work hard for this show and try to have as much new content as possible. Wish us luck!

P.S. At some point, I broke the IITS Preview Pages link on the sidebar. It had something to do with the permissions of who could view the album. It's fixed now...sorry to anyone who came by and was trying to check those pages out.

- Joseph

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pets & Stuff

Hamasuki, one of the readers of this blog, asked last week if we planned on having a pet for either Kayli or Gordo so I decided to make that the subject of this weeks short update. Though Genevieve and I got together recently to work on and discuss future projects, we did not work on the comic specifically...but the project we did work on does involve our Islands in the Sky characters. We can't wait to reveal it to our readers but it maybe be awhile (around the end of the year) before we can show anything.

Comic-wise, we were supposed to do some planning but we'll get to it either this week or the next. We currently have about nine new pages plotted out and roughly storyboarded and to answer Hamasuki's question...we do, in fact, introduce a sort of pet for our characters. We think it's a pretty funny series of pages and hopefully, we'll refine it even more before they go into production.

We did have a pre-planning discussion and we went over a few things about our future plans for the books. We decided that, realistically...we may not be able to do the series like a regular comic book in the sense that it has a continuous storyline from book to book. As it stands...people have already been waiting a long time for us to do something new. What this means is that each book may end up jumping around between stories set in our world but not necessarily follow a strict comic book narrative. The good news is that when we do release a FULL new book, it should be a self contained story, longer than what you've seen already, and just get straight to the good parts. We'll use Field Guides and such to explain bits we can't waste time on in the panels themselves. None of this stuff is set in stone...but this is what we've talked about recently.

I realize these tidbits aren't a lot for any fans of our book to go on and I apologize for that. Nevertheless, I will still update at least once a week to let everyone know we're not dead. =)

- Joseph

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sorry for the late update...

...but we just don't have much to report right now. What I can say is that Genevieve and I have recently discussed the future of Islands in the Sky and we're still committed to the project. The most important thing for us right now is when we plan on putting out a new book. We'll be getting together soon to discuss those plans as well as the direction of the story and the possibility of color as well.

We have some other IITS related projects on the horizon and while I have to be vague right now, I'm pretty sure that fans of the comic and characters will think it's pretty cool. The next time I post, I might have some more solid info on what our future plans are. Thanks for being patient!

- Joseph