Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sorry for the late update...

...but we just don't have much to report right now. What I can say is that Genevieve and I have recently discussed the future of Islands in the Sky and we're still committed to the project. The most important thing for us right now is when we plan on putting out a new book. We'll be getting together soon to discuss those plans as well as the direction of the story and the possibility of color as well.

We have some other IITS related projects on the horizon and while I have to be vague right now, I'm pretty sure that fans of the comic and characters will think it's pretty cool. The next time I post, I might have some more solid info on what our future plans are. Thanks for being patient!

- Joseph


  1. Coolness! All of the fans shall await the next installment of IITS with great anticipation~ This is kind of random but have you guys thought of maybe a pet for either of the main characters? Are either of you cat or dog people? I side more with dogs... they are simple and loyal. Cats are cool but more independent. Your thoughts would be much appreciated. Have a good one~

  2. I'm personally more of a dog person--haha, perhaps you could have guessed from my pseudonym Banewulfe/Wuffles!

    I love dogs, but I think cats are adorable too. And cats make better internet LOL-memes than dogs! XD I owned both in the past. I'm just generally an all-around animal lover. :3

    But yes, you'll see in the next issue Kayli gets a pet of sorts. He turned out to be our mascot. As you might have remembered, I made a hat of Manty! ^_^