Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Commissions, etc...

Hey folks,

Here's a few more commissions that Genevieve did for folks that we never posted. The first one was for Mike (aka Hamasuki), who posts comments here quite often. He's a big fan of Bleach apparently and who isn't a big fan of Rangiku from Bleach? Genevieve and I looked at her designs closely and both came to the same conclusion, "Yep...she's got bigger 'uns than Kayli."

The second was for Toby, who we met way back when at SuperCon...unfortunately, we fell out of contact with Toby and he has not been answering emails sent to him. On the off chance he stumbles to our site, "TOBY! Send us your current address so we can mail you this awesome Black Canary commission!"

Rangiku from Bleach.

DC Comics' Black Canary


  1. AWESOME!!!! The Black Canary pic is very nice. I like how it is colored in with grey, black and yellow. The layout is pretty inventive too! Great job... I can't stop looking @ both of these masterpieces~

  2. Glad you liked it, Mike! Those of you who are interested in getting a commission done, come see us at APE in San Francisco this October.