Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things Are a Little Quiet Right Now

Not much to report this week except...we reached 5000 hits on the site! Yay! I actually happened to be the 5000th visitor so I've already asked for a commission from Genevieve...sorry folks. =)

Speaking of commissions, Genevieve is using her spare time to catch up on the ones she didn't finish at Comic-Con and I'm...I'm playing a lot of games right now. I'll get around to doing a few more storyboards later. Just so you know, we've not made any definite plans yet about the next book and we're actually considering starting up a smaller side project unrelated to IITS but it shouldn't affect any future deadlines we have.

Thanks for continuing to visit our site and don't forget to help us spread the word about our comic!

- Joseph

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