Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wondercon Friday Photos!

THANKS SO MUCH for everyone who came to our booth today! I was so happy and excited to see all of you there; even though I was sleep deprived I was giddy and pumped throughout the day. What a rush, I can't believe how fun my first experience tabling was! It was such a crazy day, time flew by so fast--what was about eight hours felt like only two!

We had a thrilling time and thanks to everyone who supported us we had quite a successful launch. I loved sketching in all your books/posters and meeting and chatting with all of you! I'm very happy to share some photos below of some of our friends and other cool people who bought our book!

Thanks to Kelly and Vince at the booth next to us, 17 Machine Studios, and Brandon for their continuous support (and for bringing us some chow/drinks--I nearly forgot to eat, haha! XD).

Thanks again everyone! I hope you enjoy Islands in the Sky so far! See you at Wondercon tomorrow! ^___^


Friday, February 27, 2009

WonderCon IITS Customers!

What a day...our first time ever tabling at a convention and our first comic. What can I say, we were very fortunate that so many friends, co-workers, and former co-workers happened to show up on the first day of WonderCon. Furthermore, the sheer number of these friends that supported us by picking up the Islands in the Sky comic and/or other merchandise was just plain staggering. To all you folks, you know who you are, a big "Thank you," from Genevieve and I.

I'll let Genevieve tell her side of the story but myself, I barely had a chance to rest before having to run through my one minute pitch again. I quickly lost track of the number of books but I think Genevieve and I have a good system worked out to make the process more accurate.

We took a bunch of photos of folks who purchased something at our booth and supported us. Please stay tuned to check out some of the pictures.

First day of WonderCon 2009!

Hello and welcome to the site! If you're here, there's a good chance you saw us at WonderCon today. As you can see, uh...there isn't much to see but we'll be posting a few things each day of WonderCon (Feb. 27th-Mar. 1st) to share our experiences.

Due to a squabble between Kayli and Gordo regarding who gets more panel time on the first web comic, we ran into some delays but please watch this space throughout next week. We will be letting fans know how the show went for us, adding a store where fans can purchase the comic as well as other IITS stuff, and of course...posting our first web comic. Who won the fight for more panel time? Well, I'll give you a hint...she's stands at about 5'10" and measures about 36-24-38.

So please give us about a week! We were working really hard on a bunch of IITS stuff for the WonderCon show and the website suffered as a result. Hopefully by next Monday (not this Monday, that's only a day after the show), we will have most things up and running.

Oh hey, I almost forgot, if you saw us at the show, please let us know by leaving a comment...and let us know what you thought of the comic or Kayli or Gordo or whatever. Seeya at the show!