Tuesday, August 4, 2009

IITS Online Store Updated!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I've added the new prints (which I've just decided to call "Kayli's Business Suit") to the IITS Online Store. You can buy each one separately for $10 or take advantage of the same deal we offered to people at Comic-Con...both for $16. What?! Just $16 for two 11x17 prints?! Why, that's 22x34 inches worth of naked Kayli booty!

If you missed us at Comic-Con 09, here's your chance to grab these two great prints of Kayli at a killer deal. Also, the latest reprint of the book is replacing the old ones in the store. Mostly, we changed the cover, fixed a few errors, and included the five guest pieces our friends did for us. If you already own an older copy, please save your money, but please let your friends know that we got some for sale!

If you stare at the island in the center for 30 seconds, you will
see after images of naked Kayli's everywhere you look.

Look at how happy Sparky is after his purchase of these fine prints.
Don't you want to be happy as well? Do you, perhaps, hate happiness?

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