Saturday, April 3, 2010

WonderCon 2010, Day 2

Craaaaziness on the exhibits floor today...just crazy busy. I forgot something early on in the day and headed out to my car and the line for the show just went on and on. We really weren't expecting it to be so busy. The vibe of the attendees was really good wasn't so crowded that people were uncomfortable when moving around. Once again, we were placed in the same aisle as the guest stars like Richard Hatch, Marina Sirtis, Denise Crosby, Adam Baldwin, Boomer (the original one), and a bunch more...that half of Small Press is super crowded but it's my feeling that the extra traffic it generates is always good for the rest of the people in the aisle. If I remember correctly, I think I specifically requested being in the guest star aisle. =)

Show goers hit our table like a tornado. It'd be a flurry of interest and activity for several minutes then all at once everyone would just disappear and we'd wonder if there was ever even a crowd there at was sorta surreal. Lots of interest from new folks in IITS...we figured WonderCon would be a very local show with mostly people who we've seen at Fanime, SuperCon, and APE but we're moving a lot of books to a whole new group of folks and it's been fun and rewarding to talk to everyone about our work.

P.S. We probably snapped 80-85% of our customers today so there'll be a huge group of pictures when I receive the .zip from Genevieve. Thanks to all who let us take your pictures and share it here. =)

UPDATE: Saturday's customer pics are up! Thanks, everyone!


  1. Ah Hey thanks for the signed copy (thought I posted ) lol cute story

  2. Gaah, my legs are sore.
    Thanks for the commission Gen!
    Looks like Wondercon this year's turning out really great for you guys.

  3. That issue has the flamingo seal of approval!

  4. You're welcome, O.P.! Glad ya liked it.

    Yo, Chris! Thanks for dropping by.

    Hey, it's the cute flamingo head girl, Taters! Thanks for coming by and thanks for your Flamingo Seal of Approval! =)

    Hope to see you all at our next show!

    - Joseph

  5. Man I look like i'm about to start boxing with a giant :P