Tuesday, April 6, 2010

IITS Drawings by Others!

Heya IITS Readers,

I finally woke up from the looong after-Con nap I took on Sunday. Man, what a show. Great fun but so tiring...you really don't feel it till you get back though. While you're there, it's just a constant state of excitement.

Anyway, we got some neat drawings to share with you! A few of our friends/neighbors/customers drew some Islands in the Sky related pics for you and I'm posting them here for the rest of you to enjoy. Credits for each will be in the captions below the pics.

P.S. Has Kayli been your muse? Have you drawn Yaoi featuring Gordo? Send us your IITS related creations! We'd love to share them with the rest of the readers! =)

UPDATE: Added a picture of Kayli from Bill and Aaryn who are working on a romance comic! Thanks guys...we love Kayli's back almost as much as her front! =)

Bill Henkel provided this great color image of Kayli's ample bottom!

This first one is by Christian Bahena. I snapped this directly out
of his sketchbook at WC so I apologize for the low image quality.

This is also by Chris and was one of his favorite poses in the book.
It's one of mine too. You can almost hear her say, "Hot, huh?"

This third and last one is my favorite from Chris as he takes
Kayli and puts her on paper in his own style. Thanks, dude!

Here's one of Kayli from Becky of Tiny Kitten Teeth
Thanks, Becky!

Emily, creator of Otherkinds, sent us this awesome one
of Kayli and her own character, Zlata, fighting over meat!

Finally, a shot of Kayli from Genevieve herself...created for
a headphones themed sketchbook being passed around. =P

Thanks for all the awesome art, guys and gals! Keep 'em coming!

- Joseph


  1. Awesome! I love the "Headphones Fail" one for its comedy and ecchi! I reeeeeeally wish I could have gone to Wonder Con! It looks like there were so many peeps that are fans or became fans of IITS and both of you guys! Looking forward to more posts and of course... Fanime 2010!!!!! See yah there~

  2. Wow, do you guys synchronize your posts or something? =)

    Looking forward to seeing you guys at Fanime...gonna be fun!

  3. hey J&G,

    Just finish reading issue 1# and looking forward for issue 2# :) c u guys @ fanime 2010.


  4. Cool, Emil...we already working hard for that show on the stuff we missed the WonderCon deadlines for. Should have some neat things for our readers to check out.

  5. Ah I might try a drawing of Kayli lol where would I send the drawing to?

  6. Oh cool! Send it to me! My email address is on the left side bar! =)