Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Comic-Con Stuff Preview

Things are starting to come together for the show so we've decided to give our faithful readers a little preview of some of the stuff we're going to have for Comic-Con 2009. This first image is part of a pair that Genevieve did for our new business card. Our old business card was sorta crappy so we've jazzed it up a bit with some brand new artwork. Well, we both felt it was such a shame to keep such fantastic images of Kayli printed on such small cards so we're going to be offering them up as 11x17 prints for sale at Comic-Con. Here's the "front" image of Kayli...I'll send out the back image later this week.

"Coming down the runway next is Kayli, modeling part of our fall collection of women's business attire- WHAT IN THE HOLY HELL?"


  1. Hmm, I am diggin the tats as well. I'm sure lots of people will be as pleasantly surprised to see new art as I am. Great work guys, keep it up :P

  2. Thanks guys!! ^____^