Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Comic-Con is Imminent!

With Comic-Con approaching fast, I figure it's time we talked about what we have planned for the show. While I wish I could report that we would have a new book, I'm afraid that's just not going to happen this year. I'll be totally frank with what our plans have been up to this point just so anyone looking forward to new material won't be kept in the dark.

Basically, we felt that we could have done a bit better with the first book and it as always our goal to both improve the first book and increase the number of pages so that the cliffhanger at the end of the book is resolved. We wanted to do this for Comic-Con because we didn't want to sell the same old book again and then release an updated version soon afterwards...thus, forcing everyone to buy a new book for just about a dozen new pages.

Anyway, as it turns out, we ran out of time again and we're not going to do a new book for Comic-Con. The current plan is to revise it slightly but not so much so that it will leave any existing owners completely assed out. The new book will have a slightly updated cover (not really a big deal but sometimes people wonder "Why is she floating?") as well as guest art from friends who have donated their time to create images of our characters and world and a few new pages for the Field Guides.

Our plan for the future? Well, it's always up in the air...we can't make any real promises right now. What we'd like to do is create some cool promotional stuff (aka merchandise) for APE in October of this year and maybe surprise our readers with something really new at WonderCon next year. So the current plan for Comic-Con is to still promote the original book and have maybe one or two new prints and maybe something else cool for fans to purchase. Trust me when I say that the new prints and merchandise will be cool because Genevieve and I have both agreed to never create shitty merchandise with just a logo slapped on it. When we create something for our fans, we want it to be super cool and worth having....and don't worry if you can't make it to any of the shows where we'll be appearing at, if we have some cool new Kayli prints or whatever, we'll make it available in the store.

So there you have it...a slightly updated book, our two original prints, the ever popular magnet of Kayli Naked on a Giant Piece of Meat, and a few new pieces of merchandise...that's all we'll have for Comic-Con. We'll do our best to work steadily after Comic-Con and leading up to our next two major shows (likely APE 2009 and WonderCon 2010). Thanks to everyone for being patient.

- Joseph


  1. I can see it now... Giant Meat Plushies!

  2. I really hope that your plans do include a webcomic version! ;)

  3. Sounds good. Any chance Genevieve will be doing commissions? I hope the answer is yes *fingers crossed* If not then I am very very happy with the one I got. See yah @ Comic Con 09'! Woot~

  4. Mike - Good to hear from you again, and yes I will certainly be doing commissions there! Thanks for asking! ^__^

    Arthur - I would love to have an IITS Giant Meat plushie! However these guys have beaten us to the idea! ZOMG Look! O_o; Sweet Meats! Buuuut... in the future we may indeed have our own version, featuring the succulent meat Kayli loves oh-so-much on the poster! XD

    Kiyoshi - Yeah! See you there!

    Dread Lord Cyberskull - Awesome handle by the way! ;) We are aiming on continuing our webcomic in the future, definitely! For SDCC we are still trying to get some promo items done. Thanks for the support!

    I'm excited to see all you guys at SDCC!