Monday, June 1, 2009

Gearing up for Comic-Con!

At Comic-Con, the potential audience we can reach with our comic is tremendous and we're really excited at the prospect of getting the book into as many hands as possible. However, due to the fact that our application for a small press table at Comic-Con was initially rejected...we didn't plan to focus our work on the comic to fall within deadlines in July. Instead, we focused on trying to promote the comic at some local shows till next year's WonderCon...then we got the call from the Comic-Con people. While we were elated that we got a table based on a cancellation, we were a bit concerned that we were quickly running out of time to get stuff ready for that show.

After some discussion, Genevieve and I have committed the months of June and July to making a big push for Comic-Con. We hope to have some significant new content for the comic for the big show in San Diego this year. What that means exactly? We're not quite ready to reveal yet. It's a tough schedule to juggle between various other commitments but as we get closer to Comic-Con, we'll let you know how we're doing.

P.S. Sorry for the bland post...I'll try to make up for it later this week with something a little more interesting...but I really need to get back to the storyboards for right now.

- Joseph


  1. Yes! Comic Con quickly approaches. I can't believe they initially rejected your request? Bogus.
    I reeeeeeaally hope you guys can give us more new stuff to read by Comic Con. If not then its cool. Might Genevieve be doing more commissions(fingers crossed)? The amount of people there will be so good for exposure to the treasures that you 2 create. I'm super looking forward to it and can't wait for summer to start~

  2. Hey Mike,

    I don't know about Joe, but personally I am so flattered by your comment... no one has ever called my work "treasures" before. T____T Thank you so much...

    It makes me happy whenever our readers show how much they appreciate our book. We'll meet people for the first time who know of us through our blog, or see familiar faces who have picked up our comic in previous conventions; we'll meet new people at conventions that pick up a comic and later come back to tell us how much they liked it, then ask about the next issue, pick up something else IITS related, or even commission a sketch...

    It gives us such a wonderful feeling we've never been too familiar with. After all, we're only ordinary people working our day jobs, just wanting to create something more personally significant by challenging our own abilities. When we hear back from readers like you, it really keeps us going, really fuels and inspires us.

    We are indeed, working on some new content, and trying our best to schedule in as much as we can get done. I hope we can deliver to your expectations! *crosses fingers* ^___^;

    And yes, I'll be doing more sketches. ^___^


  3. Hi Genevieve,

    I totally believe that the comic will do well and it is enjoyable already. I do love your art style and hope to see it continue to shine in the coming issues.

    The fact aside that you guys are very down to earth, nice and likable peeps, I enjoy giving feedback on something that is worth while. With all the things going on and my stack of "to read" materials ever growing, I quickly found time to read IITS and loved it. Its eye candy with an interesting story. I usually go for just the aesthetic manga and comics so if it has a descent plot then its an added bonus. I get a 2 for 1 here.

    I'm glad that you feel good hearing back from the readers. Its a small thing for me to chime in and I like doing it. Your humble approach will be an asset in the future I'm sure. Keep up the awesome and find time for some anime here and there... I know I try to.

    More sketches you say? Flippin' sweeeet! I can't wait~ d(>.<)b