Thursday, July 16, 2009

Three Posts in Three Days?! IMPOSSIBLE!

Okay, are you folks ready for this? No, I don't think you are. You are not even remotely ready, you fools. Why? Because no one expects the MANTY HAT.

"Land shark?"

His tails are bendable and poseable.

Watch that tail, buster!

It lives!

Close up of his face.

Another shot of Manty on Genevieve.

A close up of the detailed patterns on his body.

There were other designs and colors...this is the one we went with.

So Manty really just makes a brief appearance in the comic...and not even in the flesh. He's just "nose art" on Kayli's manta shaped glider. However, we actually had this character planned for the book for quite some time. Those of you who are worried that he'll be an Ewok / Jar Jar mascot character...relax, he doesn't speak for starters. I think when you see the manner in which he is introduced into the story and his role in the plot'll really take a liking to him.

Okay, now the bad news...those of you who were hoping to buy a Manty hat...well, it's a unique custom job done by one of Genevieve's friends at EA, Jill Johnson. Jill is a very talented plushie maker and does a lot of custom jobs for her friends. If we are ever able to mass produce these or if Jill puts up a website or something, we'll be sure to let you all know. Hope you guys like it! Come see it worn on Genevieve's head at our Comic-Con Small Press booth! =)

UPDATE: I added the original design spec that Genevieve sent to Jill.

- Joseph


  1. I was soooooooooo gonna impulse buy the Manty Hat! It looks pretty damn cute... its a crime to be so cute. I love the color too! Well at least it will be on display at Comic Con. Can fans wear it too? Photo op!

  2. Hah, I was actually going to do the same. If this goes into mass production, I'd love to pick one up. :)

  3. Thanks guys, yeah...the hat is pretty awesome. If we have some way of making more of them in the future, this'll be a good blueprint for it.