Monday, July 27, 2009

Aaannnd...we're back!

Hey everyone,

Comic-Con 2009 was a great show! Genevieve and I had blast, met a lot of new friends, and made a lot of new customers pretty happy with our work. Thanks for all the old friends who dropped by our table to wish us well and take pictures with us and thanks to all the people who picked up our book. We had so many people come back after reading it and telling us how much they loved it and wanted more...the experience was very inspiring.

Sorry for the late post! It was an 8 hour drive home with my friend Vince and we didn't get back to the Bay Area till past 4am in the morning. Genevieve and I took a lot of pictures but as usual, they are all on her camera and on the camera's of some friends. When I receive the photos, I'll be sure to post them and tell you more about how the show went for us.

- Joseph


  1. Hey, read the comic, liked it a lot it's made me interested in the characters, their world and the story.

    The quality of your work has got me wanting to see more.

    More Kayli. :)

    If sometime in the future y'all ever decide to make the comic full color I'd love to buy it.

    If you want to see some of my brother's stuff this is were it's at. He hasn't updated in quite some time though, work getting in the way.

  2. Thanks, Zac! We are definitely considering a color book and will keep everyone updated on our blog site.

    P.S. I took a quick look at your brother's DA page and really liked the Catwoman!

    P.P.S. You need not worry about the lack of Kayli in future IITS releases. =)