Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Business Cards

You got to have giveaways at a table...it allows people to politely pretend to show interest with the usual line of "Do you guys have a website? Cool, I'll check it out later." That said, we had a fair amount of sales through our online store after WonderCon 2009 so all those Post-It notes I handed out with our web address scrawled on them must have worked. Well, that and some word of mouth from some nice folks looking to help us out.

We meant to have a proper business card for the last three shows we attended but the art for the cards turned out to be a bigger project than either Genevieve and I anticipated. We already showed you the awesome art she did for them...so the images below shouldn't come as a huge surprise. Still, they turned out pretty neat, huh?

Depending on the timing of things and some other things out of our control, we may have one more thing to preview here before we get to the show in San Diego. Hopefully, things turn out...if not, we'll announce it later after Comic-Con.


  1. Hehehe, thank you! ^__^ Glad you like how it turned out.

  2. OMG!!!! Kayli looks great and sexy! And there's writing on it too!(jk) I think all business cards should be this snazzy... it would make for better business~ I hope you guys run out... which would mean a boat load of peeps took a card, checked out the site and spread the word!