Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, I forgot to mention...

...the Kayli Boob Mouse Pads come in two flavors, "Salty Behemoth Intestines" and "Honey Sweet Kayli". You've already seen the the "Salty" flavor in my previous's the "Sweet" flavor:

You might be wondering, "Has Kayli no shame?!"
The answer of course is, " she doesn't."

You can tell when the manufacturer understands the needs
of their clients when they provide images like this one.

We had a few inquiries as to the pricing for the Kayli Boob Mouse Pads and after quite a bit thought, I believe that $40 is more than reasonable for such an awesome and functional bit of Genevieve's amazing art. However, for the Fanime 2010 show, we're offering it for the 'highway robbery' price of $35 each for all attendees. For readers of the blog, we're going to give one more discount...if you'd like to buy one of each, just tell us, "Hello, I'd like the Salty/Sweet Combo Meal, please," and you can get both flavors for the 'you're taking food from the mouths of my children' deal of $65!

P.S. We've received our table placement for Fanime...we'll be at T300/T301. See you all at the show!

- Joseph


  1. That's badass! And that's a mighty good price for items of such limited quantity.


  2. Hey, boobies!
    Hah, I'll have to contemplate, but I think I like your salty flavor better. (: anyways, lovely artwork for lovely prices, definitely getting this :)

  3. Hella siiiiick!!!!! Now I know I'll be getting 2 of these for sure! Great art and also super functionality to boot!(or should I say to "boob"? lol)=D