Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanks for Coming to See Us at Fanime!

Hey IITS Readers,

Thanks so much to all of you for coming out to see us, you guys always make the conventions better by cheering us on, showing us your support, and making us feeling guilty for not having issue two out. Nick, Chris B, Hamasuki, Ben, Tim and Callie, James, Patrick, Dave, Emil, Dread Lord CyberSkull, AJ, and Sparky...thank you! I'm sure there are a bunch of people I missed and I'm really sorry about that...I'm still recovering a from a pretty exhausting weekend. It was a great show for us...we were able to spread the word to lots of new folks and even Reuben Langdon dropped by our table to pick up a few things!

Special thanks to Jamie (I think I spelled it right this time) and her husband Mike for the Kayli sketch, the Prinny sticker, sharing snacks with us, and just being some of the most awesome table neighbors ever! Hope to see you at another show soon, Jamie. =)

This year, we snapped only a few pictures early on but Genevieve's camera was on the fritz on Friday and my phone battery kept dying so we just decided to skip the pictures this show. I know, WEAK...but that's the way it is. A few folks did snap pictures of us on the other hand and Ben sent us the one he snapped so this year, you just get a picture of Genevieve and I. How's that?

Sorry to all the folks who came by to pick up our Kayli Boob Mouse Pad...due to a major delay with the shipment, it missed the delivery date by several days and according to the shippers site, I should receive a big box of boobs either Tuesday or Wednesday. says here there was a "Customs Clearance Delay". Yeah, sure...more like "Customs Guys Can't Stop Playing With Kayli's Boobs". Anyway, the Kayli Boob Mouse Pads were a definitely a hit with the crowd. Now, instead of people dragging their friends over to see Kayli naked on the big piece of meat, they drag their friends over to see the Kayli Boob Mouse Pad and Kayli naked on the big piece of meat. It definitely brought a lot of folks over to our table. =)

Thanks to all our old friends from previous show and all our new customers...we hope you'll all continue to come see and support us. See you next show!

UPDATE: Some friends at the show sent us some more pics of us at the table...shared them below.

- Joseph

Hamasuki sent us this pic of Genevieve taking a break.

Here's Hamasuki's pic of Genevieve and I together.

And I thought I was being sorta pervy with the lip puckering.
I had no idea she was doing that opposite me, folks...haha.


  1. Fanime this year was totally an awesome experience!!!! You guys were part of the reason why!!!! I was very much looking forward to seeing and talking to yah about pretty much anything. Love the Kayli Boob pads! Very nice how they turned out.
    I'm glad that Genevieve got out a bit to see the con and sorry that you were stuck to man the table all the time Joseph<:( I tried to drag all my friends over to the Artist Alley. Well, off to sort through hundreds of pics I took. Take care you 2 and hope to see you again soon~

  2. Hey Hamasuki,

    Glad you liked the mouse pads, they definitely were a hit at the show. =) Genevieve was able to see a lot of the show and it all worked out because she helped me all day Sunday and Monday. Looking forward to your Fanime 2010 pics compilation!

    - Joseph

  3. Hello! I go to AA every year at Fanime and buy all the indie comics I find, on the thesis that I should support upcoming artists, and you never know what hidden gem you will find.

    This year, the hidden gem was absolutely, totally you guys. I'm heartbroken there isn't more to read. The writing is funny and the art just wonderful.

    Have you considered forming a Facebook group?

  4. Hey "Nonny Moose",

    Thanks for coming by our table and thanks for all the nice things you've said about us. Is this Philip? Just a guess. We got a reasonably good memory for our visitors and I was just taking a wild stab. Genevieve and I will do our best to bring our readers more IITS content and we may still have a few surprises left in us this year. Please keep an eye on our site and, yes, we will look into getting a Facebook page set up. =)

    - Joseph

  5. Hamasuki & Dread Lord Cyberskull - Thanks so much for all your kind words and as always, for visiting and showing us your support! It's always a treat to see our friends and readers! I I'm glad you enjoyed the mousepads!

    Hamasuki - I apologize again for not being able to get your commission to you before the show ended, but I am almost done and will ship to you soon.

    Anonymous - Wow! That is so sweet of you to say and it really makes me happy that you find our comic to be this year's "hidden gem" for you! I haven't thought of making a Facebook group for IITS but that's a GREAT idea and I think I may make one tonight! As Joseph said, we are both doing our best to finish the second book and are aiming to make it, hopefully (*crosses fingers*), one EPIC ride! ^__^


  6. It was great to see you both as well :D Always happy to see you guys and the mouse pad is <3

  7. Hi Callie!

    A show doesn't feel right till you and Tim come by to see us. Thanks for picking up our updated book and the mousepads. It was great to see you two and your little sister! =)

    - Joseph

  8. hey ^^ it was really great to see you guys at fanime. I am looking forward to more stuff from you guys! And, Genevieve, you're soooo sweet <3 I was really happy that you liked my story.

  9. Hey Linda!

    It was good to see you and thanks for sharing your awesome comic with us. We both loved it. It was also fun hanging out with you a bit and telling other AA folks that they should raise the prices of their super cool merch. Heh heh.

    - Joseph