Monday, May 24, 2010

A Little Fanime Surprise!

Hey IITS Readers,

We promised a little surprise for Fanime 2010 and since you're probably looking at it right now and ignoring these words it is! Yes, folks...we got ourselves some Kayli Boob Mouse Pads. Do you often engage in long nights of gaming, tweeting, or trolling other people's Facebook pages? Why not rest your weary wrists on Kayli's soft, ready, and willing boobs?

Kayli appears to be well aware of the stir she is causing
while that rascal Manty looks on and Gordo is dumbstruck.

In case you were wondering just how much wrist support
Kayli's boobs offer, this angle should provide your answer.

It's always and been our goal to offer only the finest, coolest, and sexiest Islands in the Sky merchandise to our fans and I have to say, this is by far our finest, coolest, and sexiest item we've ever offered. A lot of work went into this, both in terms of the concept and execution of the awesome artwork Genevieve has created as well as the research and interaction with the manufacturer. We're super happy with the way it's turned out and we hope you'll pick one or three up for your friends and family to show your support for us. Fanime attendees will get first dibs on these but, of course, we will offer them on our IITS Store a short time after the show.

Just so you know...we still plan on continuing the IITS property in a multitude of ways but because of our own personal schedules and other projects, we can only devote a small fraction of our time to IITS. We hope that the Kayli Boob Mouse Pads proves our continued dedication to IITS and to all of our fans. Keep watching our page for more IITS news in the future. Thanks so much for reading and supporting us, guys and gals. =)

- Joseph


  1. I'm so getting this, I got a great laugh outta those pictures, Oooh boy, I'll be dropping by first day to pick this up :P
    What a treat :)

  2. did she get a breast reduction? =)

  3. Yo, deal, I've got one set aside for you then. =)

    Hey Nat...well, if we made them full size, there wouldn't be much room for your mouse, would there? =P

  4. Just a quick question, how much are these going for? :)

  5. Name your price good sir! I will gladly buy that which you are selling, for it is gold! Gold I tell you! Definitely going to the Artist's Alley instead of the Dealer's Room 1st on Friday! Save me 1 please? b^_^d

  6. =O may i ask how did you contacted the manufacturer? :Q

  7. Hi Kenno,

    If you've seen the latest posts on my page, you'd know that I'd be doing you a disservice to tell you how I got this manufactured. Do some research and try to find a manufacturer but know that it can be very hit or miss. Good luck.