Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday WonderCon 2009 Pictures!

Hey, everyone. I apologize if you were looking for your own picture last night. Well, they're up and once again, I'm not in a single one...but look at all these good looking people (beneath the wall of text)!

One of the most gratifying things for us was to see repeat customers and customers who bring their friends to our table because they want them to see our work. Also, I swear...every single person who said they'd be back later to pick up something (to which we'd always say "Yeah, right.") actually came back and bought something. I kinda wish they would have just read our minds and said, "Yeah, I came back and bought something didn't I? IN YOUR FACE!"

I want to take a moment to thank all my friends/former co-workers from Shaba Games for coming by to support us. Doreen, Brandon, Frenton, Hough, Scott, Bradley, Harrison, D-Neg, Joel (and Katie), Ann (and Matthias), Shaheed (and Marilyn), K-Burn, Will, Chowder, Sherwin, and Damon. Thanks so much!

Genevieve has been really busy so I'll do the shout-out to all the Electronic Arts folks who came out to see us. Their numbers...legion. Their support...much, much, much appreciated. You folks know who you are but I'll give Salaam a special thanks for being so awesome as to buying and donating us a giant stack of bags and boards for our comics. Our customers really wanted them and I'M SO SORRY WE SCAVENGED THE BAG AND BOARD FROM YOUR OWN COPY TO GIVE TO SOMEONE ELSE.

Thanks also go to a few peeps from the LavaPunch group...Alex, Evon, Teerawat, and Jillian for coming by and buying some stuff, giving us some words of praise and delivering the occasional scolding for the high price of our book that was digitally printed and not offset whatever the hell that means.

Thanks to Mike, J.C., and Jody (sorry for spelling it wrong earlier) for bringing back customers and generally spending boatloads at our booth and helping us carry stuff back to the car.

Thanks to Cliff for being a three day repeat customer, introducing us to some neat new ink pens that Genevieve took a liking too, and constantly apologizing about taking up all our table space with his stacks of stuff and then not actually moving any of it out of the way (just kidding, dude).

Thanks to Emmy and Steve for bringing by bottled tea (at least I think that's what it was) and bringing us Bearded M-ther F-ckin Papas, yo.

Thanks to Anthony Hon for just being an all around cool dude.

Thanks to Nat Loh for spending time with us then leaving when we were busy and then coming back to spend more time with us when we had another second to spare.

Thanks to Sean "Cheeks" Galloway for trading your awesome art with our work. We definitely got the better end of the deal but at least you'll learn from this bitter experience. =)

Thanks to Martin and Elsa, our left side neighbors for being so cool and nice. GO CYBORG MICE!

Thanks to Jules and her guy friend (sorry, what was your name?) for stopping by twice to chat with us about web comics and printing stuff.

Thanks to Peter and Joey Gonzales, our across the "street" neighbors at Crown of Life Christian comics, for shocking the heck out of us by coming by and picking up our comic that's full of naked boobies. Just goes to show that even God approves of naked Kayli on giant meats. Man, I'm going to hell for that.

Thanks to Brian Baltes at Endeavor Printing for all his help in getting our book formatted, printed, and shipped out to us in the nick of time. Now, we did have to pay UPS a lot extra for the expedited shipping but after we uploaded our files to Endeavor, Brian put together a proof on the same day, sent it to us overnight, we approved it a day later, and he printed all our books and had them shipped out to us IN THE SAME WEEK. Brian, you rock. Thank you!

Thanks to Eric for coming by and giving us advice and praise for our book and to keep doing what we're doing no matter how many pages Kayli has to go naked in. We look forward to hearing from you again.

Thanks to our right side neighbors at 17 Machine Studios, Vince & Kelly Riley, Chuck, Lefteris for being the awesome, fun, laid back, and creative people that they are.

SUPER DUPER EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to Vince & Kelly Riley for constantly looking out for us, giving us extra $1's, and oh my god...making sure we had something to eat and drink every day of the show. Lessee...goat cheese and tomato pizza, pepperoni and sausage pizza, one giant bag of healthy type chips, loads of gum drops, two giant bottles of expensive bottled water from companies we never heard of and certainly don't sell their stuff in Safeway, one giant bag of unhealthy type chips, a croissant with powdered sugar, some round thing with raisins and glaze, a super healthy hummus and wheat bread sammich and then a fat bacon and turkey sammich with even fatter slices of cheese, seven different cups for the expensive bottled water, and the fruit custard things with fruit and custard on them. You guys rule...especially Kelly. Vince, you're just married to her so I had to mention you out of courtesy. Thank you, thank you, thank you (Kelly)!

Finally, a thanks to all the folks who liked our stuff enough to buy it and here's the names we were able to get before you escaped our clutches...Jay, Willam, Andrew, Manuel, Rod, Joey, David, Symon, Don, Mark, IRON CHUCK, Yann, Steve, Willie, Saxby, Kevin Q, Joe Lee & Gina, Dallas, Dominic, the other Andrew, John, Michael, Jean, One Lung Ho & his wife Crystal, Kiyoshi, Glenn, Glenn again because he bought two books, Terry, Tony, Norm, Pelham, Oz, Dalton, Jeff, Joshua, Robert, Kampol, Serv, Jill, Orna, Andrew, Kelly, Eva, Sean, Byron, Adam & "Pinky" Paige, the other Alex, Tomas, James, the Ransom guys, Garth (how 'bout some "Rhyme Duo Time"...sorry obscure video game reference), Crayon Shinyan (close enough), Mac, Kisiwa (you got Genevieve's best con sketch), Wathanee, not to be confused with her friend Wathana, Rita, Marc with a C, Mandi, Jason, Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera for making Genevieve's day for agreeing to a trade, Dahveed, Jules, Daniel, Bill, Stephen, Tamie, Ann, the other Michael, Tom, Dennis, Fred, the other Mark, Rennie, Florencio, Dan, Todd, Ray, Eric, Troy, Jeff, Dave, Vincent, Ron, Francisco, the other Tom, the third Mark, Jonny, Kevin no Q, the other David, Justin, Grace, Tomoko and Tomoko, Oliver, Tacchan, the other Eric, Charles, Paul, Kamron, and the three dudes I didn't get the names of. Thank you all! Sorry to everyone I failed to mention but if you picked up the book and liked it, post a comment and let your voice be heard!


  1. Look at all of the happy customers/fans. :3

    Great book BTW. So far I absolutely love the world, character design, story and dialogue. I am really glad (understatement) that I found your booth. Shame I got there too late to get in on the Kayli magnets though. You'll definitely have to let me know when you get some more made.

    And Shaba 'eh? So that was Shaeed in a couple of those pictures. I thought so, but wasn't entirely sure. I used to work with him at SCEA.

  2. man are there any books left to sell? i didn't get one and i regretted it all the way home.

  3. i finally got to sit down and read the book =D - really fun characters, and totally crazy, which just makes them more fun. And of course the art is really fun, the facial expressions are great, probably my favorite part about genevieve's artwork is her great expressions. @3@ just wanted to drop a line and say the book was fun, and i'm looking forward to more.

  4. Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words. David, I'm sorry about the magnets...but we were so busy trying to put together everything for the show that we only made a dozen or so. You will be able to purchase the magnets as well as any other of the things we were selling at the table from the IITS Store once we have it set up. Hopefully, it'll be up within a week or so. Tster, we're low on comics and I'll have to re-order from our printer but I'll set one aside for you even if we sell out. Thanks!

  5. Efren, Asian Bowtie GuyMarch 2, 2009 at 4:06 PM

    AHH! I always have super asian eyes when i take pictures with my glasses. But aside from that I really love the comic book. I had to pick one up before I left. I was totally eyeballing it for a good 3 pass bys and gustying up my courage to pick up a copy. I finally did and was greeted with open arms. I would've stayed and chatted longer but shyness occurred and my friends kept calling me to go play street fighter. But they were met with the eminent fate of major pwning. I look forward to seeing some new up and coming works. Much Love From SF! :P

  6. Joseph,
    Great art, great story. This weekend I was astonished by the amount of amazing talent there was at Wondercon, and you are no exception. Your comment on us made me laugh, I too appreciate you purchasing my comic. Joey is my 5 year old son who was not at the con. I also wanted to comment on the amazing quality of book material, the cover looks amazing. God Bless and Take Care and hopefully I'll see at Wondercon in 2010.

  7. Great meeting you at the Con, hope we can see a guest piece for Life's A Bluff so we can prove "we knew you when." It looks amazing.

  8. Hey Keno, no sweat. I was just happy to have found the booth again. We briefly stopped by on Sat, but I had to get to my appts. and panels so couldn't really stop anywhere for too long. So I spent the first hour or so on Sunday trying to remember where you guys were. :3

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  10. David one here...or david two, I'm not quite was a pleasure meeting you both at wondercon...thanks again for the sketch in my book Genevieve. Loved the book by the way...look forward to the next chapter.

  11. Hey David, we're glad you liked the comic. We'll do our best to get content to our readers when we can but we need to juggle that with our lives and work on the deluxe version of the book. Don't forget to check back on 3/9/09.