Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Help Us Promote Islands in the Sky!

I've put up a Islands in the Sky Comic Sneak Peek slide show on the sidebar. Please help us promote Islands in the Sky by sending a link to our site to friends you think would like our stuff. With the inclusion of the slide show, new readers can now see some pages straight from the comic.

IITS Store Update: I need to work out the last few kinks in the system but I may be able to get the store up and running within a day or two. Initially, we'll offer the comic, the posters, the stickers and the magnets that we had at WonderCon '09 but we'll add new items to the store throughout the year. The store will accept payment by PayPal but please remember that PayPal allows you to pay with a credit card as well if you don't have or don't want a PayPal account.

P.S. Please use the comments to make suggestions about posters or other types of items you'd like to see in our store!


  1. Items that I would like to see in the store 'eh?
    So many marketing opportunities...I suppose it depends on your budget and your target demographic, which I assume would be primarily male. I wouldn't mind seeing some IitS prints or commissioned sketches...things of that nature. However if you really want to kick it up a notch you could always do a Kayli oppai mouse pad. I am sure that would sell like hotcakes.

    Also, I did my part to spread the word. Hopefully you see a little pickup in unique visits.

    Added to my XBLA Bio:

    Added to my StrikeBang sig:

    Twittered 'er Tweeted...whatever:

    Next steps: Post preview on DarkDiamond.net and then blast out that URL. :3

  2. David, you absolutely rock! Thanks so much! It's funny you should mention the Kayli oppai mousepad because I actually looked into a few months before the show. We had to focus on finishing the book though and it sort of fell by the way side. Ultimately, they'd be pretty expensive to make I think, but we'd be totally okay with making very little on them if we could just get it into the hands of people who really want them. Thanks again!

  3. "...if we could just get it into the hands of people who really want them."

    In for one! :3

  4. Hahaha. I love how you kinda left the reader hanging on the slide show. Looking forward to more small updates.
    "...if we could just get it into the hands of people who really want them." I wonder... Could I just be one of those few individuals? :P
    *cough* YES! *cough*