Monday, March 9, 2009

Good News and Bad News

Good news first...
The Islands in the Sky Online store is now open! Please visit the site at or click the Online Store Now Open picture on the sidebar to get taken straight there. We have our comic, two prints, and a rather neat set of magnets for sale. If you like our stuff and want to show your support, please order from our store and tell a friend!

Now for the bad news...
As you might have guessed, we fell short on delivering our first web comic. We're very sorry but real life happened and we were so caught up on getting the store up, the comic fell behind. Another reason is our process. We treated it like another comic page and that's very difficult to produce so while it's almost done, we are reevaluating how we work and how we can possibly deliver as much content as we can each week. More on this later but for now...just know we're going to have to make some changes. For those of you who have been waiting since WonderCon, I'm very sorry...we'll try to get it ready for you in a day or so.


  1. I'm sure we all can wait patiently for the comic to be up. Take your time and make some awesome stuff!

  2. Hey Everyone, Genevieve here. ^_^;

    I just wanted to apologize to you all for the delay of the comic. While Joseph and I were trying to get the store running, I was working my hardest to finish the comic as well; however, I ran out of time and didn't want to post unfinished work in progress. Please be patient with me as I'm trying my best to get it to you guys ASAP!

    Thanks everyone!!

  3. I seen the IITS booth at Wondercon just as it was closing and only got to look at the first page. I love the artwork, and what i read was pretty funny. But what is the comic about? Havent really seen much info online in regards to the genre or a basic story concept.

  4. Hi! First of all, thanks for you interest. We should probably have a story synopsis up. Sorry about that...I'll see about getting one up for new visitors to our site.

    The "Islands" in Islands in the Sky refers to the fact that no solid ground exists in the world except for these floating islands. Part of the mystery to the story then is how humans came to inhabit a world where their legs are almost useless.

    The world itself is divided into three major layers. The topmost layer of the sphere is Overworld, where sunlight and water are in a great abundance. The next layer down is the Central Islands, where most of the people of the IITS world live. The lowest layer is known as Coreworld. It's a dangerous place where the people live in perpetual darkness.

    Our main character, Kayli, lives in the Central Islands layer. She is a hunter/explorer and the first few books will follow her adventures in this layer as she fights monstrous flying animals, meets all sorts of people, and explores exotic locales.

    Hope that's enough for you to go on now. I should work on a better synopsis and put it up on our site ASAP!

  5. That'l do it for now!!! thanks.