Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Updated Contact Info

Heya folks! As we may have mentioned at WonderCon '09, we ran out of time to do our business cards and so Genevieve volunteered to use her Electronic Arts business card as a replacement and scribbled out our Islands in the Sky web address as she handed them out. If you need to contact us about IITS, please use the following contact info:

Joseph Wong - Writer
Contact for: Questions about IITS Comic/World/Characters/Future Plans, Upcoming IITS Appearances at Cons, IITS Web Comic Info, and anything else related to IITS.

Unfortunately, Genevieve is very busy these days at work and she's really sorry she hasn't been able to post but she needs to take care of all her official business first. Don't worry, she's still devoting as much time as she can to the project and we're still doing an update tomorrow & Monday.

Genevieve loves to hear from people who enjoy her art but she needs to separate her EA work from her Islands in the Sky work so if you want to contact her, for now...please leave a comment here. She has the site up all day at her desk and is reading everything, we swear. =)

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