Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday's WonderCon '09 Photos

It's 3:20am in the morning and I really should be sleeping right now but I got me some magnets to prepare for the last day of the show and figured I should post Saturday's pics as well. I feel bad that we only took pictures of about half of our customers. Sometimes it's so hectic, we just forget to snap a pic. Usually, it's me taking the picture so I'm in very few of them but if you look through these, I'm the guy blocking Kayli's big sword in the picture where three people are posing with Kayli. Genevieve is the one kneeling...if you hadn't already guessed. I remember most people's names but Genevieve said I shouldn't try to name everyone just in case I make a mistake and hurt someone's feelings. However, I know for certain that this first photo is of Gordo, a customer who shares the same name as our comic's co-star. =)


  1. I bought the first issue of IITS yesterday at wondercon and just finished reading it! Very cute, fun, and sexy story! Hope to see more soon!
    (PS I wouldn't mind seeing more sexy shots of Gordo!!) :O

  2. My girlfriend and I (Hooray, we are pictured in your Friday pictures posts! :D!) picked up IITS issue 1 on Friday and we loved it! The art is fantastic and we can't wait for the webcomic! Any plans on when the full version of issue 1 might be able to be purchased (and from where?) or issue 2, for that matter?

  3. Monica, as I said in the book, if Genevieve has any say in it, we may very well see naked Gordo butts showing up soon. However, on behalf of the male readership, I will fight my hardest to prevent the twenty odd naked butts in a row that Kayli had in our first issue. =)

  4. Hey, Alex! Whoops, I got you mixed up with someone else earlier and so I removed my erroneous post. Sorry about that! Darn it, Genevieve was right again! I checked Friday's pics again and found you in there...not in this post. Heheh...uh...ahem.

    RE: The full version of Issue #1, we will give more details as we know them but just so you know, we don't want to offer only a slightly improved version of the book to those customers who already spent their hard earned cash on our WonderCon Preview Issue. That said, the "deluxe version" of Issue 01 is quite an undertaking. We want to do the following: Resolve what happens after the Behemoth shows up. Color the book. Release it in a larger size format and as a perfect bound book(as opposed to a saddle stitched comic). Expand the Field Guide section and Sketchbook Sections. So that's quite a bit of work and may take as long as another year to complete.

    We realize that's an unreasonable amount of time to ask our readers to wait. That's why we're doing the web comic so that our current readers can follow the ongoing adventures on our web page. When the deluxe version of Issue 01 is done, it'll be worth it for those who own the WonderCon '09 preview to pick it up and will serve as an even nicer springboard for new readers to get into the story.

    In the future, we plan to release more print versions of Kayli and Gordo stories. They will not be the same stories as the web comics and will be one shot, print only exclusives for readers to collect. However, the web comic will continue to be free, of course. =)

    As time goes by, we hope we can improve our process so that the wait time between the print versions is less and less. For now, we hope you will look forward to our web comic strips. The first one will be on Monday, 3/9/09 and we'll have a smaller update earlier...on Wednesday 3/4/09. Whew! Hope that clears things up...maybe I should make this a full post?

  5. Incriminating evidence of me buying questionable products! Ahhh!

    Great to see you two and I'm glad you got so much traffic! Keep kicking (drawing?) ass! :D

  6. Hey Ohmi,

    Haha! Thanks...we're doing our best to keep people's interest up. We know that a web comic is no easy thing to maintain but I hope everyone bears with us as we deal with the ins and outs of this new format.