Monday, April 6, 2009

Visit to XFIRE Offices

As PC gaming fans, Genevieve and I were excited when Yulius, an employee of XFIRE, offered to give us a tour of their offices. XFIRE is basically a chat program that allows you to send and receive chat messages while you're playing a PC game...unlike other chat programs which will either just not be able to alert you or even kick you out of the game. It can also automatically download patches for you and has a lot of other neat features that PC gamers might find useful. Genevieve and I use XFIRE quite a bit and it's helped us out a lot when we were trying to get some obscure games to work over direct IP...

Genevieve: "What's your IP again?"
Joseph: "Hang on, I think I gotta open some ports..."
Genevieve: "I hate this game already."

What does this have to do with Islands in the Sky? Well, as I left my place to go meet with everyone, I grabbed a copy of our comic on a lark and showed it to some of the XFIRE crew when we where having lunch at a local Chevy's. As it turned out, there were quite a few comic geeks there. In fact, some of them heard we'd be at WonderCon and were actually looking for us at the show, though they couldn't have been looking TOO hard since we never saw them...

Thanks to Yulius for treating all of us to lunch, to everyone at the XFIRE offices, to the XFIRE gang that went out with us to Chevy's, and thanks also to those XFIRE people who ordered our comic from our site on the same day! We hope you enjoy the sketches Genevieve did for you. =)

Oh yeah, for more on XFIRE, check out the site at

- Joseph

[Gen's Edit]: Earlier, I posted the photos of some sketches I finished for the guys at Xfire, but Joe said it might spoil the surprise. I will post them again after a few days! ^__^

[Gen's Edit]: Last night we met up with Yulius, Janelle, Darren, Sal and Chad from XFIRE to have dinner and dessert downtown. We had an awesome time--great food, fun company! Thanks so much guys!

Here are the sketches in a few of the books now that I can re-post:


  1. Awesome. Haha...I've seen these in person before they were given away and I didn't notice till now that Kayli's tattoos on the first image spell out Victoria (the recipient). We hope everyone enjoys these!

  2. Oh my god!

    I was just handed this, completely unsuspecting. What a pleasant surprise! Thank you so so much, this was just totally unexpected and nice.

    Now I'm totally going to have to arrange to run into you guys at a con or something so I can gush at the both of you in person.

    Thank you again! <3

  3. Kiyoshi! Where are you now?

    Victoria: "OMG! What is she doing with her hand?"
    Yulius: "She's cold and has bad circulation."

    Good times....

  4. So much meat and edible balls that night :3

  5. Yulius: Not doing much of anything at the moment.. working on portfolio. XD

    (Sorry to Joe and Gen for spamming their forum)