Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The BIG One.

Howdy Loyal IITS Readers,

I got some super cool news to share with you: Genevieve and I were accepted for a Small Press table at Comic-Con 2009! I'll spare you all the details but we didn't want to announce it here till we were absolutely sure we got it. Well, I spoke to someone there just the other day and we've confirmed that they weren't pulling our leg...we're in!

The news was a bit of a surprise to us, we originally thought we didn't make it in...but now that we know, we're going to be committing a lot of our spare time into improving our existing book for the show. Due to time constraints, I've decided that the best thing to do is to polish what we already have and only create new pages and content if we have time to spare.

Loyal readers and followers of our work need not worry...we want to create some really cool promotional items for Comic-Con and whether you come see us in San Diego or cheer us on from the comfort of your home, we'll have the new items for sale at our IITS Online Store. So even if we don't have a completely new'll have some neat stuff to look forward to. In fact, after Super-Con, Fanime, and Comic-Con...we hope to grow our fan base larger and that will get us one step closer to justifying the manufacture of Kayli "boob gel mouse pads".

Hey, you gotta set goals for yourself, right? =)

- Joseph


  1. Congrat! That is fantastic news!

  2. Thanks, Dave! We're gonna have a lot of fun there. We hope those of you who can attend will drop by our booth and say "Hi" to us. =)