Friday, April 10, 2009

1337 Kiriban and Interview Update!

Hey guys!

Thank you all again, for visiting for the first time and/or coming back to check on our updates from time to time. As a show of appreciation, I would like to do a kiriban sketch for when we reach 1337 hits. We are about to breach the 1000th mark--last I checked it was 940! (Our little inconspicuous counter is below the IITS Team list on the side bar there.)

Whoever is our 1337th visitor gets to request a quick personalized sketch, which I will post on this site. Send a screenshot of the site with the counter visibly saying 1337 to Joseph and let us know which IITS character you'd like to see, what he/she/it is doing, wearing (what? a Behemoth suit, you say?), etc. Of course, sometimes we like to put our own spin on things, so be warned! XD Yup, and don't forget about the characters that we have yet to see more of: Manty and the Behemoth or as Kayli calls him, "Beheemo."

Finally, I don't think Joseph will let me post naked Gordos. XD

On another exciting note, our interview is now up on the main page of, an awesome news & reviews site for anime, games, and other cool stuff! YAAAY! Many thanks to our friend, David "KidKobun" Bruno for organizing the questions and posting the interview on his site! ^___^

Click here to read the interview!


[Joe's Edit]: Hey everyone, hope you enjoy the interview. Just a quick note, if you win the kiriban contest, please try to be tasteful in your requests and keep in mind that we can't make it too elaborate. We want to be able to do one for each milestone we hit so there's always a chance for someone else to win in the future. The kiriban is only a digital prize, we won't be actually mailing anything out. Naked Gordo's are fine but will not include the "full monty". This is like the legal info they spill out really quick at the end of a radio commercial. Anyway, in the event that no one claims the 1337th hit kiriban prize, Genevieve and I will come up with a few ideas of our own and readers can vote for it on a poll. How's that sound?


  1. Just found out about you guys from dark diamond, nice interview =P
    Also, cool contest!


  2. Hi Luna! Thanks for dropping us a note. Glad you liked our interview. If you're from the Bay Area, we'll be at three local events in May (more on that soon) so you can meet us and pick up a copy of the book. Otherwise, please check out our store!

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  4. Hello! Thanks for dropping by. =)