Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1337th Hit Kiriban Update

Whoops! Looks like the 1337th hit came and went and no one sent in a screenshot. We had a huge influx of visitors due to a friend posting a link to our site and interview with on so we must have missed it somewhere in between all that.

Genevieve tells me that she's been really busy at her day job but we promised that we'd do this and we promised to give readers the ability to vote on the 1337th hit kiriban image in the event that we didn't get an actual winner so here's the list of ideas you can vote on:

1. Kayli & Manty - Kayli with a dwarf manta.
2. Kayli & Gordo - Kayli with her co-star, Gordo.
3. Neko Kayli - Kayli as a pussycat...meow!
4. Kayli & "Beheemo" - Kayli with a Behemoth.

These are intentionally generic due to time considerations, sorry. If you really wanted to be the one to come up with the idea for the image, don't fret...we'll do another kiriban when we hit another, we've already exceeded 2000 hits! Thanks, everyone. =)

FCD UPDATE: Comic Relief has us on their site now and lists our signing times for Free Comic Day. Local "IITS Readers" (followers of this blog), don't up to support us and Genevieve will sketch you anything you want from our book!

- Joseph

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