Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kayli Mousepad Owners...Get Your Free Stuff!

Hi Folks,

As I mentioned in the previous post, those of you who have purchased either or both Kayli Boob Mousepads at the IITS Store site or at any of the shows we attended (such as Comic-Con or APE) are eligible to receive some freebies from the IITS Store as an apology for the manufacturing flaw.

To get your free stuff, you'll need to submit a "proof of purchase"...which is pretty easy. First snap a photo of the pad and include a note in the picture that has your name and address and the two items (not including the mouse pads) you wish to have sent to you. Here's an example:

Please select two different items...the following examples are all valid:

1 Comic, 1 Kayli Big Sword Print
1 Assmeats Magnet, 1 Kayli Business Suit Front Print
1 Comic, 1 Assmeats Print

Next, email the picture to iits.store(at)gmail.com...then wait a bit and the stuff will magically appear in your mailbox! I'll keep all of this on record and when the fixed mouse pads are manufactured, they will be sent to you at the same address. If you don't want the freebies but want to submit your proof of purchase with me to keep on record for when the fixed pads are ready, just provide your address with the picture of the mouse pad. Finally, if you're too busy right now to deal with this nonsense, you can always wait for the announcement on this blog of when the new pads are available and claim your replacement then. Sound good? Cool.

Sorry for the ghetto way of doing things but it's easier to just respond to requests rather than track down everyone on record who has bought a mouse pad and sending out an email to each person. Hope that's okay with everyone!

P.S. Those of you who don't mind the flaws, the discounted and updated product is available at the store page and now includes details of why the item is discounted and some additional pictures of the problem.

P.P.S. If I don't find your name in the records, I may ask you a few questions about your purchase to verify your identity as a customer. Don't worry, if you're legit...you'll be fine. =)

- Joseph


  1. Whoa, thats crazy talk. Free stuff?! I've been pretty satisfied with my Kayli Boobpad and didn't even notice the difference. I will however take advantage of free stuff though. Keep the comics coming Joe!

  2. Your mouse pad is fine and you still want free stuff?! You're stealing food from the mouths of my children! Just kidding, Mike. Good to hear from ya. =)

  3. Ummm, wow. Excellent customer service. Stuff happens. You know what would be really nice? Issue 2! :-)


  4. Hey Sparky!

    Long time no comment! Thanks for coming to see us at so many of our shows and buying like two of everything we have to support us! We'll definitely dedicate the book to folks like you if it ever comes out. =)

  5. Now I curse my commitment to not buying boob mouse pads. Actually I cursed it everyday I went here and saw the Kayli pads. Aw well, I'll continue to think they are cool from afar.

    How goes the game development? I always look forward to more stuff, even just a "hey".

    Gordo spots a wild Kayli! She appears to be sneaking from foliage to even more foliage.
    "What are you doing?!"
    "SHUSH, I'm traveling single file to hide my numbers."
    The pure logic of her words has left our hero speechless.

  6. Hey Zac!

    Good to hear from you! Work is still progressing on the game and I am currently trying to put together a proof of concept demo to help secure funding. The demo will be shared here, of course. There is no guarantee that it will be in a playable state...more than likely, just footage from the game...but I'm still trying to make it as cool and entertaining as possible. =)

  7. Yeah, I too thought this to be normal. I can easily fit a finger under the gap, but again...totally thought it was normal. In fact, I'll even help you get rid of your stock and buy a back up pad. Not that I'm sitting here rolling in cash, but as I'm sure you both already know, I love supporting IitS and the local scene.
    You guys attending APE? If so, I can nab them there, or I can just buy them from the store. Either way.... :3

  8. Hey Dave,

    Good to hear from you. So some people have been reporting that they don't have the problem at all and others, like you, didn't really think it was a big deal...either way, I'd like to get them fixed.

    We won't be at APE this year for IITS but Genevieve might have her own table showing off some of the work she's been doing. I'll hand her a mousepad so she can get it to you. Take it easy, Dave. =)