Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sure Is Quiet...

Hey IITS Readers,

Just a quick project update since I noticed I hadn't posted in awhile. We're in the middle of making some pretty substantial changes to the Kayli in-game model, which will then need to be re-rigged and also needs a facial rig for facial animations, and finally...I'm pretty close to finding a VO actress for the role of Kayli! More on that soon, hopefully. =)

Thanks for stopping by!

- Joseph


  1. Looking forward to seeing the changes and being able to hear what Kayli sounds like!

    Here I was thinking it would be a text only thing, but a voiced character can be a great thing (Bastion, narration that really pulled you in) or a bad thing (other M, did they replace Samus with a dumb robot? Blade Kitten, felt like the character had no interest in the world whatsoever).

    I'm sure your passion will guide not just the voice acting to greatness, but the rest of the game too!

  2. Hey Zac,

    Good to hear from you again. The demo is intended as a way to promote the game concept and will have as much production value as I can personally afford. Even if I never land a publishing deal / funding for the game, I hope it'll be entertaining.

    Things are moving very slowly but it'll get done someday. =)

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