Monday, January 18, 2010

Puppy Love

Hey Guys!

Sorry this blog has been sort of quiet lately. I have a ton of projects on my plate so things have been busy for me. Last night I was learning watercolor techniques in preparation for an art trade I'm doing for a friend... here is a piece I did for practice.

"Puppy Love"
Hope you guys like! ^__^


  1. Haha! This is the ONLY time I approve of furry pr0n! appears as though her ears are fake and are attached by some sort of strap. However, there is no strap for her tail so that must mean it is shoved up her...WAIT, WHAT?! O.O

    Anyway, I heartily endorse this pic with a WOOF WOOF! AWWWOOOOOOO!!! =)

  2. D'awwwww! Soo cute. :P

  3. This was just practice!?!?! Crazy. I can tell its kind of rough but the pen lines really pull it together and give depth. I liiiiikes~ *drool*