Friday, January 8, 2010

IITS Issue #2...Back On Track!

I know, I's been like a year. We're doing our best but real life keeps catching up with us. In any case, we've restarted work on Issue #2 and we reworked how we're going to tell the story for that book...hopefully, it'll be meatier in terms of storytelling, if not pages. We're not setting a hard deadline for it anymore. We'd like to be done in time for WonderCon 2010 but if we're not able to make it, we'll just postpone it for another show...possibly Fanime in May.

As long as we got something in the works, I'll continue to update at least once a week, hopefully with good news on our progress or info about some other Project IITS plan I have brewing....

Hope y'all had a great holiday!

- Joseph


  1. Cool! In any case, I plan on attending both WonderCon and Fanime this year so I'll be seeing you two there :)

  2. Neat, I'll be looking forward to the continuing voyages of the starship, I mean of Kayli and Gordo, and the adventures that await them.

  3. Dude, Fanime! I hope you guys have it done by then. If not, we'll still see you there. Fanime 2010 is gonna be hella sick! Take care guys~