Saturday, January 23, 2010

Art Trade for Tuna Bora

Hey Guys!

I had the pleasure of meeting the sweet and incredibly talented Tuna Bora at the Nomad Gallery in December and her piece really stood out and grabbed me! I loved the energy in the wind-up pose she captured; the simplicity packed with attitude; the overall silhouette and style--all of it was so delightful I instantly loved it! That's why I was so ecstatic when she decided to so very generously GIFT me this very piece!! I was struck with excitement and giddiness at hearing this and soon we both agreed to do a trade:

Since Tuna's character was winding up to throw a snowball, confidently blowing bubble gum and ready to sock it to some poor fellow on the other end, I decided to draw Kayli as the target of the assailant, taunting away in her usual goofy self. This was done in blue pencil, brush pen and watercolor (the latter is a medium I've recently started teaching myself but desperately need more practice at). I wish I did a scan of just the clean inks, which became toned down after adding the colors, and I tried adding some artsy paint splatters but I hope it doesn't look like a mess...

Anyway, I think Tuna's piece takes the cake. She makes it seem easy as pie! ^__^



  1. I've had the pleasure of seeing both these pieces in person but while they are stylistically different, they complement each other very no small part thanks to Genevieve's creative "answer" to Tuna's pic. Two super cute pics by two super cute gals. It's more than I can bear.

    P.S. Genevieve, I hope you make your constant posting on the site a new bad habit. =)

    - Joseph

  2. That's a bad habit I can get . . . BEHIND.

    Yes, bad puns are on track.

  3. You're too kind, girl! You're the one who made them work so well together. I got your piece and I love it!

    It was really nice meetin you too, Joseph! I hope Craig changes his mind and decides to do another one :)