Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mighty Nomad Gallery Pics!

The gallery was literally right next door to the Sony studios in L.A. so before we went in, we were standing in awe of the gigantic lot. The movie posters on the sides of the buildings were so huge and Genevieve commented that their size and epic-ness could make an "Ernest Goes to..." movie look good.

It was pretty quiet in the first hour or so, with just a few people coming in and quietly appreciating the works...but as the night went on, we got a pretty good crowd in. A lot of really talented animated film industry people, friends and family, and some game developers too. Though I'm not in the industry, it was very inspiring to talk to some of these Dreamworks veterans who were so nice and gave us such great insight into their work and companies. I'll let Genevieve share her own thoughts and feelings but I think it's fair to say that she was fairly starstruck by some of the talent in attendance. =)

The pieces on the display were a great mix of styles. Since so many of those showing at the gallery were animators, there was A LOT of character stuff and all of it was great. There were also some memorable scenery pieces that looked like they were plucked right out of a classic 2D feature. Genevieve was humbled to be in the presence of so many talented artists but I was proud that her piece was able to stand up with the best of them.

I didn't mingle as much as Genevieve but her gallery piece was right next to the snack table so I gorged myself with junk food in order to surreptitiously overhear the candid comments of people viewing her "Snowball War". Here are some of the anonymous comments:

  • "There are so many little stories in it..."
  • "It's really fun and festive!"
  • "It's sooo funny!"
  • "Who is this creepy Asian guy standing next to us?"
  • "Is he even going to wipe his mouth after that handful of Chex Mix? Gross."
Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Meredith Harris for being such wonderful hosts and for inviting Genevieve to show at the gallery in the first place. We had a great time!

...oh and here are the pics!

Artists and attendees mingle as a young girl Twitters:
"It's SUCH a drag..." Just kidding. =)

See that dude in the back to the right of the guy with the hat?
That's Genevieve's head right above his shoulder.

Some girls trying to avoid eye contact me. Apparently,
"Hey, baby...I'm a comic book writer," does NOT get you chicks.

Marcelo Vignali (2nd from left) with his family and
Tang Heng (5th) with his fiancee' Noelle Triaureau (4th).

Genevieve and Craig Harris strike poses in front of "Snowball War".

Genevieve with my brother this time in front of her gallery piece.
He got the good looks and I got...hmmm, well...he got the good looks.

The table where people could purchase smaller sized prints.
The contest prize is the larger version you see on the right there.

Genevieve mingling with animators Corey and Jesse from Insomniac.

Tuna Bora with Genevieve in front of Tuna's gallery work.
Tuna awesomely gave her gallery piece to Genevieve!

Here's Genevieve and Craig holding each others prints.

Finally, here's the two of us with Craig and his wife Meredith
after the show was almost packed up. Thanks, guys!

P.S. The contest details will be posted on the blog in a day or two so if you want a chance to win that print, check back later this week!

- Joseph

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