Thursday, December 10, 2009

Contest: Win a "Snowball War" Print

Here it is, folks! The contest isn't very's just a series of IITS questions.

Win a "Snowball War" Print Contest Rules:
  • Questions #1-#5 are worth (1) Point each.
  • The Bonus Question is worth between (1-5) Points (see below).
  • Total Possible Points: (10)
  • Highest point total wins a signed 19"x13" Snowball War print!
  • Email answers to kayli.iits(a) (replace (a) with @).
  • Winner must provide a valid mailing address to receive the print.
  • Entries must be received by: Tuesday, December 15th 2009.
Here are the questions!
1. "The world of IITS has three distinct layers: Overworld, The Central Islands, and Coreworld. Which layer is Kayli and Gordo from?"
2. "Kayli's unique bodysuit is made which of the following materials? A) Behemoth Stomach Lining, B) Skin of a Giant Plumaba Fruit, or C) Goretex(™)?"
3. "Kayli borrowed one of Gordo's neckties for a recent photo shoot...what color is the tie?"
4. "What is Kayli's favorite food? A) Dempi Fruits, B) Deep Fried Behemoth Testicles, or C) Meat?"
5. "True or False: Gordo is happy he met Kayli."

Bonus Question:
"Kayli and Gordo have been imprisoned by some dastardly pirates in the same 15'x15' cell. The walls are 30' high and made of stone. The door to their cell is made of 2" thick hardwood and has a tiny observation window at eye level. Opposite the door is a small, barred window 20 feet from the floor. In the center of the room is a tiny hole that acts as a drain. Additionally, there is a very small grating along one wall where the squeaks of rats can be heard.

The pair were stripped of all their useful gear before being thrown in the cell but Kayli has her bodysuit and Gordo has his clothes as well. At their disposal, they have a six foot long, heavy steel pole (too heavy to be used as a weapon) leaning against a wall, three lengths of string about a foot long each, a well gnawed bone about eight inches long, a ceramic bowl of very oily gruel, and a half eaten banana.

Outside is a single sleeping guard and down the hall, the dining hall where dozens of pirates are eating their dinner and discussing what they should do with their prisoners and, more specifically, what they should do with Kayli. In about 500 words or less, describe how Kayli and Gordo get themselves out of this mess. Have fun!"

Note: If you have a question about the scenario, make up your own answer! Bonus Question responses will be judged on their humor and creativity and given a value between 1-5. Consider the Bonus Question to be the tie-breaker question.

The winner will be announced sometime next week after the last entries are received. Good luck, everyone!

- Joseph


  1. So far the answers that folks have submitted for the bonus question are very entertaining and Genevieve and I have really enjoyed reading them. Please, keep them coming...we'd love to hear your stories. =)

    - Joseph