Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don't Forget...APE is October 17th & 18th!

The Alternative Press Expo is a fun, local SF show that is mostly local creators. It's never too crowded but there is a lot of great talent to see and you generally have a better chance to chat it up with people. Remember, if you attended Comic-Con 2009, your badge from that show is FREE admission to APE so why not drop by?

P.S. Oh, and come by and say "Hi" to us if you do. =)

- Joseph


  1. The 18th 'eh...the day before I turn 28...hint hint. ;3

    I'd totally roll out to support you guys, but I working as Associate Producer for Psyonix in San Diego now.

  2. Nice, dude! Congratulations on the job! And we'll be sure to wish you a happy 28th! ^__^