Thursday, October 15, 2009

APE is this weekend!'s our first appearance at a show since Comic-Con. Time to dust off the ol' comics and knock 'em dead. I expect the show to be pretty chill overall. The vibe I get from APE is that it's mostly an indie pow-wow and social thing. A lot of local comic fans and creators will be there so I don't expect we'll move a ton of books but it'll be nice to talk to people and just relax in a very creative atmosphere. If you're in the neighborhood, why not drop by? Remember: If you have a paid Comic-Con '09 badge, you can use it to get into the show for free! Hope to see you there. Have a a great weekend everyone. =)

- Joseph


  1. Saw your preview images and thought they were awesome, so I decided to drop by and say that I would totally buy this in a downloadable format, but I don't buy single paper issues, especially by mail.

  2. We're sorry that we don't offer a digital format at this time. If we do in the future, it will of course be announced here. Thanks for looking!