Monday, May 18, 2009

Super-Con Pictures!

Super-Con went quite well and the organizers were nice enough to accommodate our request to be seated next to not just one of our friends, but three. Our friend Vince was to our left and Anthony and Sherwin were to our right in two separate tables. When the show got a bit slow, and we were surprised at how small the attendance turned out to be at times, having friends close by really helped to pass the time no complaints!

The show just happened to land on the two hottest days of the year and whenever we were required to be outside, we were getting cooked alive. Luckily, the South Hall "tent" that the show was housed in was cool enough to make the event more than tolerable.

Despite being such a small show on such a hot day, the attendees seemed to be in high spirits and many cosplayers showed up to strut their stuff. Speaking of cosplayers...outside on the street, many streetlamps flew banners for next week's big Fanime show. We'll be at a table in Artist Alley so be sure to come by and say "Hi" to us!

Now here are some pics from Super-Con, but only the ones from Saturday...when I get the rest of the pics from Genevieve, I'll include them here:

UPDATE: Got the rest of the pics and intermixed them with the rest!

Our friend Kelly Riley snapped this pic of us at our table just before the show started on Saturday morning.

Here's Genevieve and I in a picture taken by Arthur. It was cool of you to drop by and see us again, man! Thanks!

Genevieve wanted me to take this picture of these cute puppies. To this day, she still refers to Pomeranians as "Pomernarians".

The denizens of this mystic place assault you without warning.


Here it comes! Either we get to see what a Kirby cross section looks like or Kirby will soon be wearing a cute, little white hoodie! sweet.
A big thanks to Kelly who supplied all the pictures of this epic battle!

Here's Genevieve molesting Jigglypuff...oops, I mean Kirby.

Here's Genevieve with Dr. Who...the fourth one, I believe.

Ryu, Chun Li, and...uh, Mario.

Kirby takes a moment out of his busy schedule to sign our guest book.

Here's our friends Vince and Kelly Riley flanking Norm's table at Super-Con.

Genevieve started doing commissions at this show. I'm so jealous of this one...I wanted it sooo badly. =(

Our friend Anthony and his Masters of the Universe box. He drew images of He-Man characters from memory on all sides of the box. Awesome!

I couldn't just show one side of the awesome Masters of the Universe box so here's a side with Merman on it.

The Walrus People...they collect sketches of walruses from all the artists they can...including Genevieve!

Here's Dave, aka "KidKobun" from He's the one who put together the awesome feature and interview with us on their site! Thanks for coming to see us, Dave!

And the rest of the pics are of some of our customers...thanks!


  1. Thanks again for the meat picture! Some of the guys at the department are already getting a kick out of it. I'm gonna try to get them into your comic as well! See you next time!

  2. haha! of the girls holding the dogs I think the one on the left is a porn star.

  3. I am the guy dressed as Kirby! Add me on IG: dudepool408