Monday, May 4, 2009

Free Comic Day: Success!

Free Comic Day was a lot of fun and felt almost like a mini-con. We ended up staying about an extra hour or so and really enjoyed ourselves. I think the highlight of the day was talking to the people who had purchased our comic online or at WonderCon '09 and came out to support us. You guys are awesome!

A bunch of people dressed up as Star Wars characters were also guests of Comic Relief and their presence inside and outside the store really helped to draw in a crowd. It was rainy on Saturday morning but I was really surprised at the traffic the store was getting. I guess a little bit of rain ain't gonna stop folks from getting their free loot.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us and an extra special thanks you to all the guys and gals at Comic Relief for inviting us over for the signing in the first place.

Once again, I failed to take pictures of all the folks who were nice enough to buy our book on Free Comic Day but I included those that I did snap as part of the group of photos below:

Here's us in front of our Kayli standee. Thanks to Arthur for the pic!

Just a small sample of the crowds Comic Relief saw.

The signing area was near the back of the store.

I believe this was Leonard...our first customer of the day!

Here's A.J., he picked up our book at WonderCon '09.

Here's Arthur who received our "special edition" double-cover misprint copy and brought it in to get it signed. He also got a rather neat sketch of Kayli!

Here's a nice lady who wanted the sketch as a graduation gift.
Note the graduation hat (is that what it's called?) on Kayli.

As is our tradition for any event involving IITS, we ate lots of meats afterward. Here, we're at Seoul Garden at the Miyako building in Japan Town, San Francisco.

After the meal...boy, were we stuffed. Too bad Genevieve didn't
let me use the shot of her exposed, overfilled belly (she deleted it).

- Joseph


  1. You two rock! It's awesome to see that you both have been very great with your fanbase and I hope you both have continued success with this project!

    Thanks again for the autographs, photos, and sketch! Hope to see you at other events in the future!

  2. Ah I wish I could have gone! I had to work (12 hour shift, very unpleasant.) Fortunately I got to meet you guys at wondercon and I'm sure I'll see you at another event eventually. Keep IITS coming.


  3. oh dang you actually posted my photo and remembered my name, awesome. you guys rock

  4. Dear Genevieve and Joseph,
    Please issue the continuing adventures soon. My only issue is lonely, and could use a friend.

    Hungrily yours,