Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fantastic Comics Grand Opening in Berkeley, CA!

Hey folks,

I've come out of another long silence to just do a quick public service announcement for comic lovers in Northern California. My good friend Jeff Carter and his brother Uel Carter are having the grand opening for their new comic book store, Fantastic Comics, in Berkeley, CA on Sunday, May 1st. I've just come back from a small private party that they threw for their friends, neighbors, and business partners and I'm happy to report that the store is looking great!

Fantastic Comics is opening at the exact location of the old Comic Relief store and it was because of Jeff and Uel (who was a long time employee of Comic Relief), that Genevieve and I were able to do a fun signing to promote Islands in the Sky at both the store on Free Comics Day 2009 and at the Comic Relief booth at Comic-Con 2009. They are also the reason why we were able to get our little book on the shelves of Comic Relief!

Fantastic Comics is located at:

2026 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94704

If you live in the area, drop by sometime and say, "Hi!" If you've been looking for a great comic store that you can trust and rely on, why not start a pull list with Fantastic Comics? Remember, customers are the ones who help dictate what the store make your voice heard!

- Joseph

That's Uel on the left and Jeff on the right...Congratulations, guys!


  1. Hey guys, will you be at Fanime? I'd love to see more Islands in the Sky work! :D

  2. Hi Mimmiroo,

    We're not going to be at Fanime in any official capacity but Genevieve will likely be attending just for fun. Make sure to say, "Hi," if you see her! =)

  3. Pretty incredible man lol. (Finally started posting on blogger again ) Do you have an estimate when the Alpha for kayli bootylicious game any time soon?

  4. Heya,

    Long time no post! Well, the game is in a state of flux right now...the asset building as been more successful than the gameplay work but I'm reaching a crossroads where I will need to make some big decisions on the direction of the game and until I do, I can't say for sure when we'll reach an alpha state. The first goal is to create a "proof of concept" demo which may or may not be playable. We'll keep everyone updated on the site. =)