Monday, June 13, 2011

Hey IITS Readers,

Just a quick update today in the form of a video of the Gordo's Island model that Alex Mathis created for Project IITS. The video itself was also captured by Alex...I just threw it up on YouTube.

A few notes about the island...the area with water is an open air, steam bath grotto that can be entered from the outside as well as an interior entrance. The tent like structures in the branches of the trees are the sleeping can sometimes catch a glimpse of a bubble window from some of the camera passes. For those of you who read the book, that would be where Kayli is found sleeping at the start of the story.

As far as the world goes, you would likely see many other islands nearby and in the distance as well as a lot of creatures flying through the air but this is specifically showcasing Gordo's Island. Anyway, hope y'all like it. =)

Update: I messed with the size it displays on the blog site, if you want to see it in higher quality, just watch it on YouTube.

- Joseph


  1. I am liking this. The windmill makes me wonder what it's powering and if we'll get to see that in game. Perhaps a side quest of sorts to fix it in order to start up something to get the telescope in position to spot some flying creature that you then fight on its back. (A guy can dream can't he?)

    Looking forward to seeing more and tossing wild speculations all over the place. heh

  2. Hey Zac!

    I deleted my own prior comment because it didn't really address any of the things you speculation you had about game design/mechanics and I figured I should do that...then as I started writing it, I decided I should just devote a whole post to it to give people an idea of what the game is like...or how I plan it to be like.