Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thanks for Another Great APE!

Hey Everyone,

These shows really leave me exhausted so I'm going to konk out for a little bit after this post but I just wanted to thank all the people who came by to check out our book...we sold a whole bunch more than we expected. We also sold a bunch of Kayli Boob Mousepads and the APE attendees have spoken! Based on overall sales...Sweet is better than Savory. =)

Super special thanks to our awesome table neighbors, Anthony, Debbie, Sherwin, Yen, and Mei Mei. More super special thanks go to Emily Martin at Megamoth for always being so supportive of us and Cliff at Deleter for coming by and demoing a bunch of Neopiko pens for us.

Finally, to all our new readers and past readers who came by with pitchforks and torches demanding the next book...thanks for being patient with Genevieve and I and we promise we'll do our best to deliver.

P.S. We were pretty slack this year on the picture taking of our customers...probably only getting about 33% of everyone but once Genevieve sends me the pics, I'll put them up here!

UPDATE: I put up the pics...sorry to all the folks we failed to snap a picture of...just based on how many mousepads and magnet sets we sold, I know we musta missed a bunch of you. Oh well, next time! =)

- Joseph


  1. Re: Only 33%. Well you got my pic and thatz all that really matters! :D Seriously, i love the book. You two are so nice AND talented, what a combination. See ya next time.

  2. Hi Extensor,

    Hahah...33% is just my guess after I did the accounts for total books sold and all that. We try to snap everyone but sometimes when we get really busy, we forget or the people leave before we can. We're glad you like the book and we hope to bring you more when we can. =)

    - Joseph