Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sanzaru & Art Trade

Hey Guys!

As always, I've been pretty busy with a few projects lately. One is preparing some new stuff for Wondercon 2010, another is an Islands in the Sky: Expedition Artbook (name tentative) that a group of awesome artist friends of mine are collaborating with; and finally some more art trades I've been meaning to finish.

I've also been preparing for my move to Sanzaru Games. It's been an awesome experience working on the MySims team, and I'll dearly miss all my friends there at EA. ;_; Everyone's been so good to me! But I feel at Sanzaru my portfolio will really grow and I'll be both challenged and inspired by the new project, style and all the great artists there. I feel the change is just what I need to achieve the next step in the development of my career.

Anywho, here's another trade I've been working on for my friend Vince Riley, who's been helping on the new IITS: Expedition Artbook. He's drawn me some pretty cool Kayli sketches in the past and has been a great tablemate/neighbor at the various comic conventions we frequent.

As my end of the trade, I drew my rendition of the main character from Vince's comic, Native Drums (click this link to see the comic on DeviantArt!). I also added his freakin' adorable dog, Little Foot (his real dog--not in the comic), in there, with a little antennae and Scouter on one eye, just for kicks! ^__^

One of these days I'll fully color this, but for now I'm just inking/flat-shading this one.

And some roughs:



  1. IITS: Expedition Art Book? Never heard of it.


    Haha. Anyway...we may or may not be working on some secret IITS projects here and there but we're definitely trying to have something cool for WonderCon 2010 in lieu of having a completely new issue.

    Thanks for sharing the awesome art, Genevieve!

    - Joseph

  2. Digital inking right? You got some nice line-weights in there! Impressive!

  3. Heya Kiyoshi! Thank you for your compliments and for dropping by the blog! Actually I did all the inking by hand with a brush pen. I found it's much faster for me and I have more control of the line weight! ^__^

  4. Amazing drawing once again! The doggy is sooooo cute. I wanna get a dog and put a bandanna around his neck! On an unrelated note, did you hear about the Bleach plagiarism scandal? I wrote a post about it seen here
    I was wondering how you guys feel about it being an artist and a writer~ Let me know if you have time to read it~

  5. Thanks again for your kind words, Hamasuki! I read your post and commented on your blog. I hadn't heard the news before you mentioned it! Interesting and unfortunate.

  6. Awesome, didn't mean to cross over blogs, this is your space and it was kinda rude to do that but I feel passionate about it. Also you're a great artist and I hope this doesn't happen to you in the future~ Although they do say that imitation is a form or admiration.

  7. Hi Genevieve! Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)

    Do you remember me? I actually met you a couple years back at GDC after the "Art Wars" competition. I don't expect you to, but I've always loved your art, so I followed you. :)

    Take care!

  8. Hi Lynda!

    I DO remember you, you were a Digipen colleague/friend of Emily Flowers (Pallidoozy), right? It's nice to hear from you! Thanks again for stopping by my blog and for your kind words! I didn't get to make it out to GDC this year. :( How was it? Did you show your portfolio to a lot of companies?